The 1940’s – Vintage Fair

Another era for y’all to enjoy! Bells was nice enough to do this post with me! She is adorable isn’t she? Enjoy! <33

The 1940’s – Vintage Fair In –

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All Tangled

Soooooo Magika released this new hair today. Its mesh, its lovely, and I freakin’ love the colors. Another version of the Duo pack, but comes in regular colors as well. Just adorable as usual from Magika. I am also sporting the new mesh gauged ears from AITUI, but can’t really see with the hair. I swear when things settle down I will completely show them off for y’all! But the pants are from Wear Grey event also from Cynful! Check it below! ❤

All Tangled In –

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Blacked Out

Another post for you lovelies! I am in love with these tube tops, just a great mesh piece from Celoe! Also the skirt was a bit modded – all I did was take the belt off of it. The hair is also new and just adorable, plus its mesh so its amazing. This skin is soooo amazing too! Its free if you are in the LAQ subscriber! *flails*

Blacked Out In –

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YAY! Zebra!

So I saw Suicidal Unborn come out with these new panties on Flickr and I hurried my huge ass over to the store hoping they were already up. My prayers were answered and there they were. Hanging on the wall for my buying abilities. I slapped those babies on right away and went on making an outfit with it. Seriously one of my favorites since I really am into zebra print right now IRL. Anyways, I really hope y’all enough this post as much as I.

Yay! Zebra In –

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Frosted Over.

I put this outfit together around the shrug. Love this thing and have been waiting for her to open her store back up but didn’t realize it was on the marketplace until the other day. Saw this shrug on muh chica Danni! Anyways, enjoy. ❤

Frosted Over In –

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Your Own Style

So its Halloween, this is pretty much what I threw together to celebrate this holiday! I know its some things that I’ve blogged before, but its all good. Different looks with different outfits = win. Also I just want to say really quick, everyone has their own style. Everyone has it in them to be able to put their own items together. I love my blog, I adore the shit out of it. I made it so Gorean’s would know that its not all about slapping some kilts and long sleeves together to run around in. The only other thing I ask for is some respect. Some know what I’m talking about and I won’t get into it but yeah, ❤ here’s another LOTD.

Your Own Style In –

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Magic On My Panda!

The name -sorta- says it all. I’m SO fucking excited Magika finally came out with some new hair. This is the first one I’m blogging because I was waiting for her to put out hair like Jess but that didn’t cover the eyes. I’m just in straight love right now. ALSO Panda Express came out with a new dress, in which I’m just sporting the prim top and skirt right now. LOVE it. So get you shopping on peeps! ❤

Magic On My Panda In –

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