Swimsuit Season

So many new shiz, which for some reason are like mostly swimsuits so I decided to do an entire post on just the new releases of em! <33

Swimsuit Season In –

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New Bright Colors!

Hey hey! So many new items with a ton of new events! I’m gonna try to get another post out after this, but not sure if it’ll happen! If it doesn’t then be aware that Chic2 will be open at 4 pm SLT time! Anyways, this post has a couple events I wanna mention. First new edition of Stumblebum is out! Alot of great items, along with nice mesh! Also FaMESHed is out and I will be posting more items from there in later posts! Enjoyyy ❤

New Bright Colors In –

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The Covered Gorean

Oh hai! Put together a Gorean outfit last night. I love mesh, have I said that enough? Well this entire outfit is done up of mesh, because I just can’t get enough of it! Enjoyyyy ❤

The Covered Gorean In –

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Mesh Around Hunt

Hey y’all! Coming around to show y’all some of the amazing items you can find on the Mesh Around Hunt brought to you by the team of The Ego Co. I wasn’t able to keep my position on the team due to the amount of time I’m about to spend in SL, but I’m still around to blog for you all in the events! Really adore all of the creators who are participating and I did my best to get out another set of items that hasn’t been seen on The Ego Co. blog! Just remember, hunt starts June 1st! Totally excited!!! <33

Mesh Around Hunt In –

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Patient in Pink


I’m not really being patient, trying to be but really want to get into Culture Shock. Haven’t had alot of time lately, but really wish I could get in check it out and log! So while I wait, I did this outfit for y’all! Loving the pinks and this new shirt from coldlogic! Amazing piece of mesh as always. Could wear this outfit though in urban and gor. In gor just remember cover the boobies with a scarf or undershirt along with stomach. ❤

Patient In Pink In –

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Fameshed Stumblebum

Soooo I know I’ve been MIA and I apologize to everyone, but we are still in the middle of our move. I should be able to get back into the groove of things starting this weekend, but I’m doing this really long post of the new releases for you here. I’m sorry it’s not my usual post, but I wanted to make sure I got most of the stuff out for y’all!

Stumblebum new edition started a couple days ago and there are sooo many nice things out for y’all! Aura has new mesh tops, along with cute textured layer tops by Illusory and Boom. Alot of many great items for y’all to go shopping for on the Stumblebum list! Join the group and check it out!

Also new event called FaMESHed opened the other day, and its just amazing. Great mesh creators joining together to spit out items at full price for you all! Anyways – here is my post on it all! ❤

Fameshed Stumblebum In –

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