Wear Grey

Another new event for y’all to shop at. I’m a little late on it because there’s been so much stuff at once lately! This one goes to a great cause for the American Brain Tumor Association. Really hope y’all make your way to this event. Sorry its a quick one, but I gotta work again today. Story of my life! ❤

Wear Grey In –

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Trying To Be Free

I tried to put together a free outfit together for you girls out there in Gor. Didn’t want to use brown again, but also wanted to show you the VIP group gift for Atomic VIP members that will only be out until midnight SLT. So get over there and get it. Also Tyr a while back when she was making these tops showed me that they go well with her mesh pants she just released, so definitely wanted to make sure y’all got that memo too! Just make sure you wear a smaller size then usual! ❤

Trying To Be Free In –

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[A] Limited!

OH hello!! New event for everyone to go get and spend all their monies on!! It is open currently to Atomic VIP group members, but if you aren’t – the event opens for all starting at midnight!! Freakin’ love the items that are out for this event. I’m only wearing a couple of the items, I’ll be blogging a bit more on it tonight just wanted to get a slavie out there for you all! But a little about the event – its being ran by Ivy (owner of Atomic/Illusory) and Tyr (owner of Aura). MESH items, with skins and tshirts. Very bright and pretty things to choose from! ❤

[A] Limited In –

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Cutest Bow

Hai! So I worked allllllllll night on updating my blog. I am really really happy with my layout currently. Anyways about this outfit!

The shirt is from Coloreta’s! Its soooooooo freakin’ cute, comes in several different colors. I’m wearing the toned down version, but there’s also really BRIGHT colors, that I will be posting later on!

Pepper came out with these new mesh pants that also come in a variety of colors! There’s also a spring version featured over at Perfect Wardrobe! ❤

Cutest Bow In –

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Some Green and Pink

Newness for you all to go out and buy. 50% off spring sale at the Truth District sim (Gotta add that you have to be in the Truth District Update Group to get entry to the sale)! Of course Truth is there along with Aura, Gos, INDI, MIEL, Wippet & Bucket, Glitterati, Addict, and so many others. Go check it out and get yourself some discounts. Also new shirt I’m sporting from SAKIDE. Another amazing piece of mesh. Another new skin also from Lara Hurley called Kae. Really love the look of this one too like Mia, just looks so soft. New jeans from Cynful out today! They are called Zia and are just have a small amount of butt crack hanging out the back! Many colors to choose from! ❤

Some Green and Pink In –

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Amazingness in Pants

Not a word, but that’s exactly who I feel about Tyr’s new mesh pants from Aura. (They aren’t exactly released yet! She will have them up soon once her internet stops being an asshat!) Just the great kind you girls want for Gor, goes with everything. I love how low cut she made them, just a peak of crack showing. Sooo many colors to choose from along with styles. Also has many sizes along with sizes to wear with either flats or heels. I really don’t think I’ll be taking these off for a while, most likely will see em alot lately on my blog! Enjoy! ❤

Amazingness in Pants In –

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Some Epic Maitreya

Two things to talk about here. FIRST! Its about this cute adorable looking mesh hoodie from Epic. Comes in several different colors. Love how its made with the wide collar and the front pocket. Had to pick a hair that was up to show off the cute happy face infront. Just made amazing.

Also these new jeansss from Maitreya! They are also mesh and are now my favorite mesh jeans. Have a great style, especially with the zipper at the bottom. I don’t mind that they are higher than I usually wear because the damn texture on these look really realistic to me. <33

Some Epic Maitreya In –

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