Hey there Prince Abooboo! < Terrence’s idea! Some more new things from The Fantasy Collective! Outfit comes in 3 colors by Whimey with the nice pairing jewelry by Noodles and the face chain comes in several colors too by OrsiniSun! ♥


Jasmine Inside –

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Trying To Be Wizardly

Hello peoples. So the Wizarding Faire opened up today! It’s a cute event that is at the Mischief Managed RP sim. I’ve never even see Harry Potter, but I was motivated in Plurk to still do a blog post with all the cute things! ♥

Trying To Be Wizardly

Trying To Be Wizardly Inside –

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Invading My Property

Hey y’all! Some new things from The Garden today! Theme is Area 51 and it’s literally out of this world kind of items. So much awesome to add to your inventory so let’s just get started.

Invading My Property

Invading My Property Inside –

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From Day To Night

Heyyy, this post is kinda big butttt I couldn’t decide on what pictures to us or angles so this is how I did it. Kinda a morning until dawn kinda look. Remember to go check out The Home Show with a ton of great items out. Also Magika still having their 50% off sale, Zaara’s new mesh bikini, and The Poser Pavilion still going on. ♥

Geek LOTD 795

From Day To Night Inside –

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My Inner Child

Hello y’all! Just a quick post to show a little bit of The Arcade goodies I got and some stuff that I had picked up from Home and Garden Expo last week. Enjoyyy! ❤

Geek LOTD 776 3

My Inner Child Inside –

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Backyard Barbeque

Hey y’all. So I wanted to do a post with my girlfriend Terrence because well IT’S A BARBEQUE BATHING SUIT PARTY THINGY!! So yeah, she did her own post so you gotta check out hers at her blog Dryhumps! New bathing suits though from coldlogic and FATEwear! ❤

Geek LOTD 775

Backyard Barbeque Inside –

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Summer Days At Home

Some more Home Expo stuff for y’all or really just more of that house that I showed y’all the other night. Also new clothes I wanted to show off. But I did forget to wear my new Cleo skin, but don’t worry I’ll post it soon enough! ❤

Geek LOTD 774 3

Summer Days At Home Inside –

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Home & Garden Expo

Hello lovely people! A bunch of stuff I’m going to be showing y’all in the next few days. The Home and Garden Expo will be opening up in a day or so and I’m excited to show y’all so much new stuff that you can pick up there. Remember 11 sims for y’all to check out! So much to take in for a week long expo. So once it opens start your TPing over there! Some I’m showing were earlier releases but are also available at the vendors plot on the expo’s sim! ❤

Geek LOTD 773

Home & Garden Expo Inside –

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Stylish Home

Hello y’all. Gonna catch y’all up on some new HANDverk furniture releases! Also have new colors for the Cynful Tara’s Vest and Dress. Enjoy! ❤

Geek LOTD 760

Stylish Home Inside –

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Welcome To My Home

Hello my peoples! So a couple things to talk about. First 11th Hour has some new furniture for y’all. This furniture set which I have shown in beige also comes in red for a more drastic look. Riv also made the origami set that is on the coffee table for the Royal Living Lifestyle Magazine hunt which details on that could be found here at this blog

There are also a couple items around the living room that are from the new event called The Garden by The Liason Collaborative. This new event opens up Monday 12 am SLT and I’m super excited to show you more items from this event. So many great designers from home and garden!

This outfit that I’m wearing is just adorableeeee and new from mon tissu. The necklace that I’m rocking is by Noodles and it has a pretty unicorn on it! OMG, but yes this necklace along with other available colors can be located at Kawaii Fair! But I’ll stop explaining things and just get right into this post! ❤

Geek LOTD 756

Welcome To My Home Inside –

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