Birds of the Winter

Hello my peoples! Did another set of pictures this afternoon, and I really love how it came out. Baffle’s pose set is so cute and still having their closing sale! Also these jeans are from Auxiliary and currently retextured for the new Collabor88 that opened last night! Jeans come in 8 different colors and I’m sooo happy they included a black belt texture! Special thanks to Laya for having a super amazing sim open for me to take pictures on!!! ❤

Birds of the Winter In –

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In The Meadows

A couple of sales to talk to y’all about. First is this amazing hair that is new from [e] and its the only one that is set on sale for 70% off. I absolutely adore this style. Its perfect with the new LAQ skin! Also the 55L closing sale that Baffle is having right now. This store is adorable and sad its closing! And always huge thanks to Izzie’s for having one of the best looking store sims! ❤

In The Meadows In –

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Cheerful on Truth Day!

Today has so many things going on that I just can’t even contain myself. Its first and most importantly mine and my RL/SL husband’s first anniversary! We were married IRL on September 3rd, and by far the happiest day of my entire life. He is not only my best friend, but most definitely my soul mate. Never thought I’d meet him in a virtual world, but things just happen for a reason!

Second is Happy Labor Day to those of us in the states having just a sunny and festive day relaxing and catching up with family and friends. Was a good day here, and still going on with no complaints!

Last today is the epic hair maker of SL’s RL Birthday. Do I even need to explain exactly who? Yes, its definitely Truth Hawk’s birthday, ya know. The owner of Truth Hair? His wife Kaelyn had a wonderful present for him from the SL community and it just keeps building with a ton of support from several bloggers having a Truth day on their own streams! Check out Kaelyn’s Flickr stream here to see all the great photos she made of individuals along with their special messages to Truth himself. And of course I got in on this action and here’s my own message to him! ❤

There’s so much to talk about on this post that I’m about to jump outta my skin in excitement. This hair is new from Truth (obviously since its Truth day!) and its really going up there as being one of my favorites, especially because I wear my bangs like this IRL. Also the feet are MESH and are new from Fanatik. HUD included which is easy to use. Feet are either flat or tip toes that are sold separately. I wore them with the new pants from Auxiliary (shown at the end of the post!) due to wanting to show you guys that Tyr and Ivy’s new mesh skinny jeans from FaMESHed are able to wear with heels or even flats. Pretty sure I’m never taken these suckers off. Another piece of this post I want to point out is the new skin from Glam Affair called Lilith! Its absolutely gorgeous. The make ups are hard to choose from along with the tones are spot on with no hint of that orange tone that you sometimes see in skins.

I told you there was a ton to talk about. It’s alot more writing than I usually do so I apologize if you hate it, but its really been a great day! <33

Cheerful on Truth Day In –

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Summer Harvest

Hey hey! So starting September 1st, The Ego Co is putting on another hunt called The Summer Harvest Hunt where sooo many great designers put together items for you to search for! Can’t wait for this hunt to kick off. I’ll have alot more items to show you also when I have more time! This is just a little taste. Oh and mine and my husband participated in this event – our first one – with our new store [Haste]! I’m wearing the cuteness that is the corset and undies! <33

Summer Harvest In –

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The 1960’s – Vintage Fair

When I saw this pose from Baffle! I KNEW I needed it. It’s so freakin’ cute, and definitely went along well with my 60’s picture! The skirt I’m also sporting is from my girl Bells’ store .evolve. comes in soooo many different colors! It was so hard to choose which one. The purse and earrings are currently at FaMESHed and one of the first items from Tyr and Ivy’s new collab store Auxiliary. Cannot wait for more items to be released by them!! <33

The 1960’s – Vintage Fair In –

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