Only You Can Give The Breath Of Life

Hey hey! So I did some more editing than usual on my pictures last night. Was doing practice. Don’t judge because I know I’m not an expert or anything! ♥

Only You Can Give The Breath Of Life

Only You Can Give The Breath Of Life Inside –

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Femme Fatal

Hey hey! So mesh has had a grip on me all weekend so I got a little time before bed to get a post out! I had in mind how i wanted this pose to go and put it with some of the new things from TLC! I hope you enjoy! ♥

Femme Fatal

Femme Fatal Inside –

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Beachin’ With Some Friends!

Hey peoples! More new things from some events here. Mostly Oh My Gacha otherwise some Rhapsody hairrr! ♥

Beachin' With Some Friends!

Beachin’ With Some Friends Inside –

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I Can Win You Over

Hey thur. So I went to Summerfest last night and I put this look together but I have been slaving away all day on my own Rhapsody items to get a blog post done! Been so crazy with the events we signed up for! Anyways, so here’s some of what I got there with a slave Gorean twist to it! ♥

I Can Win You Over

I Can Win You Over Inside –

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Pirates Do It Better

Hey there. I put this piratey looking look together the other day and decided to share it with you! ♥

Pirates Do It Better

Pirates Do It Better Inside –

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Not Just An Object

Hey thur. I put together a random outfit last night from some new to old things. Blah blah blah ya know, just read below. ♥

Not Just An Object

Not Just An Object Inside –

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She’s A Temptress

Hey pretties. Some new things here by Alchemy that’s featured at Fantasy Gacha Carnival! Also We ❤ RP has opened it’s doors for another round with things from The Forge, Just Design, and Aisling.
First about Alchemy. The top, belt/skirt, collar, axe, and scythe come with a HUD to change different parts of the items. Especially the cloth which comes in a couple different colors. Defintely can mix and match with other outfits! The axe and shield though are in the male’s gacha machine, the rest that I’m wearing is the female’s machine.
The Forge items I’m wearing which is the leg wrap is at Fantasy Gacha Carnival as a common item, the mesh face tattoo is at We ❤ RP by them.
The sandals are by Just Design which are to be worn with their flat mesh feet that comes in several different colors also at We ❤ RP. Love these sandals. Perfect for Gor.
Hair is by Pr!tty which is in a gacha at Chapter Four that had opened yesterday! ♥

She's A Temptress

She’s A Temptress Inside –

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The Name Is Moon Moon

I had to do it. Not even sorry. So new things here from Fantasy Gacha being the Aisling along with our own rope harness at the event. ♥

The Name Is Moon Moon

The Name Is Moon Moon Inside –

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Flowers From Her Garden

Hey there. More new things from Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Little Bones hair which is super cute, May’s Soul first machine, and Yasum’s sandals in one of their machines! ♥

Flowers From Her Garden

Flowers From Her Garden Inside  –

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