Rock On!

Oh heyyy! So last night I put together an alter ego outfit just for fun then I log on today to see BENT is participating in Limited Bazaar on the 28th of September at noon. The theme is rock and roll and the prop/poses will be 65L, but you better remember to get your booties over there because they are of course limited number of them being sold and after that BENT will be putting them in her store at regular price! Get on over there! Couldn’t freakin’ believe how well my alter ego outfit went with this pose set! ❤

Rock On In –

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Sneaky Cirque Harvest

Had a little fun doing this post, though the pictures were taken at 4 am. I’m just wanting to really showcase a bunch of new items out right now. Especially the Cirque Pose by BENT, shown with my night time Harvest. Also new event open by CHIC Management called FAIR. Please check it out, definitely something you shouldn’t miss especially since the BENT Cirque pose set is sold there. The undies are from Cynful which are exclusively for Swag Fest, but it isn’t open as of yet but when I get the LM I will post it!

There’s also still a sale until October 1st at [e]. All of her hairs are on sale for a really low price, even all of her new hairstyles!<3

Sneaky Cirque Harvest In –

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Autumn Gorean

I’ve been lacking on some Gorean posts lately so last night I decided to take some pictures for Gor and ended up with this outfit! Love the new items from coldlogic that I had previously mentioned! Enjoy! <33

Autumn Gorean In –

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The 1940’s – Vintage Fair

Another era for y’all to enjoy! Bells was nice enough to do this post with me! She is adorable isn’t she? Enjoy! <33

The 1940’s – Vintage Fair In –

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The 1930’s – Vintage Fair

Another post for y’all on the Vintage Fair. The SURL’s will be up when it opens August 4th! Don’t worry! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these posts I will be doing because I’m loving doing them myself. Even though it seems this new viewer is really screwing with my graphics! <33

The 1930’s – Vintage Fair In –

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