Oh So Blah

I’m back! I wasn’t gone long, feeling soo much better from my second ER trip last night! Kidney stones are a bitchhhh! So I’ve had this outfit on for a while because I’ve been wanting to post it, but have been sick. The shirt is from Blah! Love that freakin’ store so much! Also NEW MESH RIGGED HAIR from Magika! I know that was me being so freakin’ excited! ❤

Oh So Blah In –

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Ready For Battle

Love is a battlefield? Was just something I was throwing together, decided before I take it off I should go ahead and post it. Just a bunch of bits and pieces from here an there. Enjoy! ❤

Ready For Battle In –

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The Reds

Wanted something different with this hair and thought it looks damn sexy in RED! Also feel a vintage look with the hair so did a twist of urban with it. I hope you all enjoyyy! ❤

The Reds In –

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Katy Perry Vs Lady GaGa

So today Kirsty decided that she was gonna dress up as Lady GaGa since she’s been listening to one of her songs all day long. Then I told her I’d pick a celebrity to dress up as then do a ridiculous post like we have below! After much debate – I decided on Katy Perry since I was looking for an excuse to wear the Rainbow hair from [e]! Anyways – this is the crazyness we put together!

Katy Perry In –

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What Animal?

I feel like I’m a bit confused on what animal print that I want to be, but who cares – it looks awesome!

First the hooves are from Epic and are at the Jersey Shore sim only until today. They come in black, white, and grey. Go there and get your colors NOW!

Other than that I hope y’all enjoy my look – its a bit out there and not exactly Gorean at all but it was a fun outfit to put together.

What Animal In –

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Nothin’ But Orange

NEWNESS from Cynful. Loveee these vests. They are a great accessory to add to any outfit. Especially for the free woman to hide any tops that like to reveal places they shouldn’t! 😀 Enjoy my lovies! ❤

Nothin’ But Orange In –

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Two days ago I went on a huge shopping spree because my besties got birthday presents and I just couldn’t stand myself. Now I’m just trying to get all my items in as quickly as I can! lool, one place I hopped over too was FTLO’s event for the Black Market. Alot of great designers and items out this time! Go check it out! ❤


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Okay so like – there’s this amazing hunt that made me all giddy inside. I’m HUGE on skull stuff IRL, and this hunt was right up my alley. The name is Dia Des Los Muertos Hunt located at ONYX. Alot of good creators did items for this hunt including EY:NO and Pepper. Go like NAO and check it out. Hunt ends November 8th. Also finally made my way over to Blah. Such a cute freakin’ store with some sexy clothes. Another pair of new undies for me to run around in! ❤ Oh yeah AND this is my 300th blog post. >.<

Skullies In –

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