A Day With Harvest and Auston! NSFW!

Heyyy! So I wanted to cover a bunch of new items for y’all in this one post so I thought of doing an entire day going through the lives of the SL Harvest and Auston! We’ve known eachother for 4 years now and been best friends since we met in an urban RP sim. Now that we are married IRL, we still spend our down time in SL to have fun and chat with friends. We don’t really do the RP thing anymore, but I thought it would be cute to do a blog post like I’m telling a story line on a day with Harvest and Auston. So I hope you enjoy my little story book though be aware I’m not a professional writer. I know I get a bit jumbled up, but this is just for fun! (PS – I know I’ll have different hair colors along with different skins, but due to the looks and being a blog post also I couldn’t do them all the same!) <33

A Day With Harvest and Auston In –

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Rock On!

Oh heyyy! So last night I put together an alter ego outfit just for fun then I log on today to see BENT is participating in Limited Bazaar on the 28th of September at noon. The theme is rock and roll and the prop/poses will be 65L, but you better remember to get your booties over there because they are of course limited number of them being sold and after that BENT will be putting them in her store at regular price! Get on over there! Couldn’t freakin’ believe how well my alter ego outfit went with this pose set! ❤

Rock On In –

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Sorry For Party Rockin’

Not much to say but everyone knows about the new Villena shirt. I saw it yesterday – quickly went there while she was setting it up – bought them – then went to work =/ So I just posted a quick picture when I came home sick last night and went to bed. But here is the picture – don’t really think I need a regular picture that I usually do. This one is fine for this outfit! 😀 Enjoy! ❤

Sorry For Party Rockin’ In –

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Shrug Cynfully

This are such a sexy sexy shrug. Cynful just does amazing things each time there’s a release. This shrug comes in several different colors and designs. You sluts out there better go get this because the men will be kneeling for your sexiness! lol ❤

Shrug Cynfully In –

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I See Nips!

Newwwwwwwwwness at SAKIDE! This dress is amazingness all wrapped up into well a dress. It comes in three different versions. Pulled down like I have it, a peaking nipple, and a covered version. Just such a sexy dress and just did a simple outfit. Also got this new skin from Truth! I hope everyone enjoys dis! ❤

I See Nips In –

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More Christmas

Moreeeeeeeee Christmas items out there for y’all! Also! Collabor88 is out again in which there are MORE items than before! GO CHECK THEM OUT NAO!

More Christmas In –

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I absolutely could not think of a title for this outfit and I’m eating some magnificent poptart right now so yes, poptart.

This outfit is just some throw on cute outfit I made for this mesh top that I just adore. I am officially a mesh fan, never want it to go away and want to keep it FOREVER! Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy this outfit! <333

Poptarts In –

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I’m doing my damn best to catch up on all of the items that were passed to me, thank you SO much to Izzie’s, .Pekka., RACK Poses, Boom, SAKIDE, Epic, Pepper, Aura, LEO-NT, Death Row Designs, GSpot, May’s Soul / Tentacio, KHUSH, LooP, Medley, Cynful, [W]ynter, and many many others for supporting me in this blog. With the way my RL is going right now its taking a toll on getting items and you all just make my day every week with the things you do! I love you all dearly <333

Sweetness In –

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Yush, another urban picture because I got these boots today and seriously….SERIOUSLY they are da sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I am in love with them, even if I can’t wear them in the Gor scene. Oh and by the way I appreciate everyone who looks at my blog. I am not one of them, ya know. :DDD

Heels In –

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I am soooooooooooooooooooo fuckin’ stoked that Firestorm FINALLY works for me. God its like heaven to me right now, I can wear as many tattoos layers I want, I can rock the hot mesh shit. So today I decided to do an urban look with my girl Audrina from Crack Den. This chick has been helping me with the new viewer since I never did the whole Viewer 2 thing. Anyways, here’s our urban look of the day! ❤

I Have Mesh In –

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