Trick or Treat Mother Fucker

Natalee named this post. Anyways. So many more new things from Tag Gacha! I know y’all have had the chance to go get all your things, but I wanted to show off these adorable costumes by Tee*fy! LOOK AT THEM! Natalee got all slutted up in her cupcake and I am milk – it does the body good. 🙂 ♥ PS – It’s late, Natalee wears alot of shit. If you wanna know more of what she’s wearing, ask her. Natalee Oodles. She’s friendly. :)))

Trick or Treat Mother Fucker

Trick or Treat Mother Fucker Inside –

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From Day To Night

Heyyy, this post is kinda big butttt I couldn’t decide on what pictures to us or angles so this is how I did it. Kinda a morning until dawn kinda look. Remember to go check out The Home Show with a ton of great items out. Also Magika still having their 50% off sale, Zaara’s new mesh bikini, and The Poser Pavilion still going on. ♥

Geek LOTD 795

From Day To Night Inside –

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