Appreciate Me

Hello lovelies. Here’s some new things from the event Enchantment which theme is Beauty and the Beast. Love this theme. So many red roses to be had! ♥

Appreciate Me

Appreciate Me Inside –

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That Fat Cat

Hey hey there! Some new things I’m wanting to show you. Some from The Arcade, some from N21, others just cause I wanna. ♥

That Fat Cat

That Fat Cat Inside –

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The New Jack and Elizabeth

Hey y’all! So I got sooo many new things to show you on Fantasy Gacha Carnival. First off the first pose we used is by Rack Poses and it’s her Rare!! It’s a couples pose that does come with a mace for the male and a sword for the female! The outfit I’m wearing is from Alchemy and is one of the rares that is the dress, hat, and eyepatch. The necklace is from them too but it’s a common along with Jack the Monkey! The cat is a rare and is so freaking adorable. It’s holdable but he got the stand on his own two feet..well one foot and a peg leg! LOL Auston is wearing the top and pants from Go! which is their rare along with Stitch’s cape at the event! The bird is adorable and by Pixicat that is their rare. Lastly I’m wearing one of Little Bones new hair at the event that’s a really great pirate apparel! ♥

The New Jack and Elizabeth

The New Jack and Elizabeth Inside –

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When A Princess Dreams

Hello lovely people. Just a really cute look I wanted to put together for y’all. FaMESHed’s 1st birthday celebration is underway. Mine and my husband’s items are for sale there so please go check them out! Also Exile has released a new hair system. Your color packs are now in HUDS which have streak versions included and there’s new color pack that I’m showing off for y’all. Enjoy! ❤

Geek LOTD 763

When A Princess Dreams Inside –

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They See Me Rollin’

Hey hey hey! So below Imma show you new poses and prop by Bounce This Poses at the Pose Fair and these great new jeans by [ JP ]:dsg.! The skateboard comes with 4 different poses, all you need to do is rezz out the skateboard and hop on. A blue window will pop up for you to select which pose you wanna use. The jeans come in 7 different colors. With each color you can change the belt color, the metal color, and if you want the jeans to be clean or dirty. I am sporting the dirty look below! Enjoy ❤

Geek LOTD 747

They See Me Rollin’ Inside –

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Vacation Beach House

Okay so Dani and I decided to do a post together a couple days ago and show y’all our amazing mesh boobies. I know how sooo many people are turned off by these prim mesh boobs. Now from the look of ours do they have to be absolutely huge? No, they really don’t. They (to me) give us a great curve along with the SL boobs are a bit more square. Anyways, Boom has been updating her clothing and adding appliers for Lolas and Lush. We are rocking her bathing suit that is currently at The Dressing Room. Also had to show y’all this amazingly huge house by Trompe at C88. And HANDverk released these adirondack chairs at The Men’s Dept. ❤

Gor LOTD 712 2

Vacation Beach House In –

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Collars and Heels

Hey hey! So I worked alllllll night long on this blog! I want to thank all the girls that helped me out with this, Lauren, Sookie, Aspen, Tara, and Eve! I’m sorry to those that couldn’t participate, but definitely will being doing stuff like this in the future so I’ll keep your names in mind! So anyways, we are doing this very revealing post to show off these amazing mesh collars by Glam Affair & mesh spike heels from Fanatik. Both are featured at this months FaMESHed! ❤ (Hopefully the quality of the gif comes out because in edit mode it looks crappy! LOL)

Gor LOTD 710

Collars and Heels In –

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Coming Together

This is just a quick post on an upcoming event for Sway Dench called Together for Sway. Tons of designers and bloggers are coming together to raise money for her. More information on this event seen here – Together for Sway. There’s also a new round of Collabor88 along with some newness from Cynful which is featured at another event that is open called Frost! Enjoy! ❤

Gor LOTD 704

Coming Together In –

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Shopping Alone

Hey hey. I know its been a couple of days, but RL work always has me busy. I really wanted to blog this the other day because I’m in love with this outfit. Oh how I love mesh! I’m just gonna get into this amazing outfit! ❤

Shopping Alone In –

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A Day With Harvest and Auston! NSFW!

Heyyy! So I wanted to cover a bunch of new items for y’all in this one post so I thought of doing an entire day going through the lives of the SL Harvest and Auston! We’ve known eachother for 4 years now and been best friends since we met in an urban RP sim. Now that we are married IRL, we still spend our down time in SL to have fun and chat with friends. We don’t really do the RP thing anymore, but I thought it would be cute to do a blog post like I’m telling a story line on a day with Harvest and Auston. So I hope you enjoy my little story book though be aware I’m not a professional writer. I know I get a bit jumbled up, but this is just for fun! (PS – I know I’ll have different hair colors along with different skins, but due to the looks and being a blog post also I couldn’t do them all the same!) <33

A Day With Harvest and Auston In –

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