Gorean One Voice

Some more new stuff for y’all to pick up at One Voice fundraiser. This is for my gorean peeps, and this outfit is all mesh and really its great since especially with my huge ass – it covers and no need to make it smaller! <33

Gorean One Voice In –

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My Gorean Medley

Soooo really excited to tell y’all about new items from Medley that were released in MESH!!! Absolutely adore all of the new released. I did my damn to get all the items in one outfit and I think I did okay! LOL So yeah, totally loving this pleated skirt. Pretty much had a thing for them lately! Also this is the other hair release from yesterday at Magika! Enjoy! ❤

My Gorean Medley In –

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Gorean Valentine’s

This is pretty much what I think all you cuties should be wearing in Gor today! Pink pink pink! TP released these two outfits in 4 different colors. Pink, blue, purple, and green they are all 25L for Valentine’s Day with both the slave outfit and free woman one! I went with pink only because of the holiday! Also Wasabi Pills released two new hairs yesterday that I picked up but due to RL issues I wasn’t able to blog them yesterday! This skin is also to die for. Only 99L’s and its going to be the new line Alyx that Pink Fuel is coming out with, this is such a sweet and cute looking Valentine’s skin all must own! Enjoy! ❤

Gorean Valentine’s In –

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Goggled Up


New freakin’ goggles at LEO-NT! SO AMAZING MAKES ME CUM! Second new HAIRRRR from Wasabi Pills. Its so purdy you must has because its mesh! Yeah this post makes zero sense but I’m tired! lmfaoo

Goggled Up In –

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Slut Hunter

I feel like that Looney Toons character that is always hunting for rabbits….can’t think of the damn name right now but YEAH! Kinda feelin’ this outfit – just a good slutty thing to run around in on these cold ass RP sims. ❤

Slut Hunter In –

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So I TPed over to Ebon to take pictures at their beautiful sim and I was immediately attached to Muh Squishy who was about 100 meters away since he logged last night without detaching. Anyways, it took him 10 minutes to unleash me and when he did he wanted to do a post with me, so this is the product of that. ❤

Muh Squishy In –

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It’s PINK!

I’ve been to the Vintage Fair and already done one post on it, but I haven’t been able to do the entire sim. BUT I was able to find one of my favorite Gorean stores was at the fair. This is where I picked up this fuckin’ cute ass shirt. Gor Gurls is just amazing, her entire store from every piece of clothing she has. So freakin’ cute. Anyways, enjoy this LOTD. ❤

It’s Pink In –

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Oh So Warm

Its still not cold down here in the dirty dirty south, but I decided to do a free woman winter outfit for y’all. Oh and thanks to my Jazzy I got des boots.

Oh So Warm In –

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Tis The Season

Season’s Hunt y’all, JUST GO AND DO IT because there is soooo much good shit! Especially this sweater that I want to thank my lovely friend Kirsty for helping me! And this hair, and and and the boots and yeah, go shopping!

Tis The Season In –

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