Cynfully Chained

Some newness for y’all! New shirts at Cynful that are a bit revealing for Gor, but as you can see I made it work! They come in many different colors along with the tie that comes in either black or white! Also this MESH skirt is from Chain and Vine! Love this color since I’m always into black and white or brown! Anyways – enjoy! <33

Cynfully Chained In –

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Oh So Black

Felt sorta black today LOL alot of newness going on here. New undies that are just adorable from Line, Izzie has released new nailsss and I’m so freakin’ excited now that I’m all into prim nails! Also she released new stone jewelry in 5 different colors. Also Chain and Vine are now doing mesh clothing that are just great for Gor and Urban styles! This is my first of many items from that store to come! Enjoy! ❤

Oh So Black In –

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Chain me up baby…

I was bored tonight while my man building bows, so I decided to do another outfit. Chain and Vine is another great Gorean clothing store that has clothing for both slave and free. Great textures, great accessories, and just cute looking shit. Check it out peeps. (All I could get was the Gimli LM, I’ll try to get the mainstore LM later.)

Totally rockin’-

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