Angel Warrior

So I was saving this hair for a special post, but it’ll have to be another day since the husband needs to make something for it. ANYWAYS, love Alice’s hair from Cinema since I’m really digging the wind blown look for pictures. Also this amazing outfit from Paperdolls at The Costume Ball is so adorable for the upcoming holiday! And any of you love PXL skins? Well the Faith skin is still on sale at 25% off to all VIP’s so please hurry on over there before that sale is over! ❤

Angel Warrior In –

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Kill The Twin!

Still wanting to show y’all some more awesome Cinema items to pick up! Decided on this post to bring back out my alter ego, and have her look like she’s killing the main Harvest. Just a little fun stuff to go with the theme of Cinema! ❤

Kill The Twin In –

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Getting Home

Oh hey y’all! So got a couple more things I wanna show you. More new stuff and some mesh, some not. Just enjoy! ❤

Getting Home –

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The Interview

Heyyyyy. I’m back from my long work weekend and ready to show y’all some more newness from Cinema! I know I did a bit of nudity in my last post, but I wanted to also do some in this one with the amazing new mesh couch set from HANDverk which has soo many different poses to click on and of course can be found at Cinema. Also wanted to really show you up close the amazing clutch and heels Daphne made for the event that I am in LOVE with. They fit perfectly with eachother, don’t you think? Heels and clutch come in an array of colors and are all mesh. ❤

The Interview In –

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A Day With Harvest and Auston! NSFW!

Heyyy! So I wanted to cover a bunch of new items for y’all in this one post so I thought of doing an entire day going through the lives of the SL Harvest and Auston! We’ve known eachother for 4 years now and been best friends since we met in an urban RP sim. Now that we are married IRL, we still spend our down time in SL to have fun and chat with friends. We don’t really do the RP thing anymore, but I thought it would be cute to do a blog post like I’m telling a story line on a day with Harvest and Auston. So I hope you enjoy my little story book though be aware I’m not a professional writer. I know I get a bit jumbled up, but this is just for fun! (PS – I know I’ll have different hair colors along with different skins, but due to the looks and being a blog post also I couldn’t do them all the same!) <33

A Day With Harvest and Auston In –

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Cinematic Massacre

Heyyyy I know I have been completely MIA for days on end, but we really had to go get items done for the new Event Cinema that we are participating in! So excited for this event and I want to go ahead and show you all some goodies for this event along with new items for another round of Collabor88! Thanks for Adaline aka Addy for posing with meeee! <33

Cinematic Massacre In –

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