Walk Around the Park

Hello pretties. More Pose Fair things to show you. Working diligently to get these previews out for y’all! ❤

Geek LOTD 744

Walk Around the Park Inside –

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Little Kitty

Hey hey! So basically there is an event that is coming up that everyone should be super freaking excited to go too! Pose Fair! Yay! I will have alot of previews to show you today and tomorrow to get ready for it so brace for it. I’ve posed in this post with one of my longest SL friends Jakson aka Burnt aka James. Even though in SL we really don’t hang out as much since he’s all roleplay-y and I’m not, but he’s still there when I need to talk! ❤

Geek LOTD 743

Little Kitty Inside –

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Man Cave

So back a month or so ago I made this skybox from Pilot into our new home and had a little alcove to be the man cave for my husband. I never took blog pictures because I want it to be our own, but I’ll show you a little of this area. Anyways, so much new stuff for y’all I’ll just get right into it! ❤

Auston and Harv

Man Cave In –

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He Keeps Me Alive

Hey y’all! Wanted to do a post with the man today though again I dressed him and did the shots. Had to go get his avie the new jacket and hoodie from Entente. I think its sooooo hot. Js.

Also this new dress from Cynful which is featured at The Boobie Show that you will not need any Lolas to wear it. Kinda like that idea of not having another attachment or changing skin colors!

Like I talked about the other day LaRoo’s main store is officially open and these boots were another feature of the new opening! Comes in several different colors with different straps!

Lastly I wanted to show y’all HANDverk’s new earrings which will be at L’accessoires this round. There are 5 different colors of these sweet treats that hang from your ears, all which I tried to show you in the little bubbles on the picture!

Gor LOTD 706

He Keeps Me Alive In –

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Shopping Friend

So much to talk about again. More items to show y’all from Together for Sway which opens up tonight at midnight. Also items from a bunch of different other events. I wanna thank my friend Liq for posing with me! LaRoo’s main store is officially open too so go check it out. (Always remember to click on the pictures to make them larger so they look better. WordPress is screwing with me lately!) Enjoy the post!! ❤

Gor LOTD 705

Shopping Friend In –

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Holiday Shenanigans

The man loves to ruin moments. ❤

A bunch of new items to show you all so I’ll just get into it!

 Gor LOTD 703

Holiday Shenanigans In –

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I’m Flying Free

Oh heyyy! Sorry was MIA. Work has been really busy lately. So anyways, more Arcade antics and some FaMESHed stuffies. Really excited that I finally got the Unicorn wings by Auxiliary. Soooo pretty! Also new hair from Magika. There’s another one, but I’m gonna use that for another picture. 😀 ❤

Gor LOTD 702

I’m Flying Free In –

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Saturday Traveling

Hey lovelies! So when I logged on today I had to go and get one of the new LAQ skins. LAQ has a new skin line that right now has 2 different faces out. The way they are doing it now is if you buy one skin tone you will get in tattoo layers the nose, mouth, eyebrows, eyelid, birthmark, lipgloss, 2 eyeshadows, red/black/blonde/brown hairbases, and cleavage. The body parts will be used for other skins that you like in their line, but say you like the last skins nose. Well just put on the nose tattoo layer and you’ll be able to match that one right on. Its a really great idea, the only thing is LL’s need to up the number of tattoos layers for sure!

Also I’m sporting the new hair from Truth that is adorable with this awesome hairband that comes with a HUD that you can choose from several different colors!

Lastly the shirt and shorts are new mesh from Hucci that I couldn’t wait to get ahold of and show off for y’all! Enjoy! ❤

Saturday Traveling In –

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Sight Seeing

Sooo as I have told y’all there is another round of FaMESHed going on right now, and this is just the first of my coverage on it. Again really grateful to be in this round with our store. We feel extremely honored. Now I really don’t have much to talk about it because the amazing outfit talks for itself, but HANDverk’s items are the ones that stand out to me the most. Daphne did an amazing job on her purses and earrings to go with Toby’s easel and chair! Their work never ceases to amaze me! ❤

Sight Seeing In –

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