Hey hey. Bunch of newness for y’all. The entire outfit was based around this amazing new top from coldlogic. Love the back of it. And the hair is not white, like I usually wear – but at One Voice, Exile only put out black, brown, red, blonde, and pink. ❤ Enjoy

Bleached In –

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Lace Casual

Newness for y’all. One being this hair which is adorable and mesh from Truth. Also new lace top from KIM at the Private Room event also she has some mesh earrings there that I’m sporting! Enjoys! ❤

Lace Casual In –

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Amazingness in Pants

Not a word, but that’s exactly who I feel about Tyr’s new mesh pants from Aura. (They aren’t exactly released yet! She will have them up soon once her internet stops being an asshat!) Just the great kind you girls want for Gor, goes with everything. I love how low cut she made them, just a peak of crack showing. Sooo many colors to choose from along with styles. Also has many sizes along with sizes to wear with either flats or heels. I really don’t think I’ll be taking these off for a while, most likely will see em alot lately on my blog! Enjoy! ❤

Amazingness in Pants In –

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Dressed In Black

I got this dress last night and had to throw it on before work. Its amazing and of course mesh. I really don’t know if I can go without wearing atleast one mesh item anymore! So anyways this is the outfit I picked out for this dress. I hope you like! <33

Dressed In Black In –

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What An Ape

This purse makes me giggle so freakin’ much. I mean, how can you NOT like monkeys?! (PS – purse won’t be released until after the weekend for the new round of PW) Also newness along with the purse is the hair, shirt, and necklace. Love this entire outfit. Never wanna take it off! ❤

What An Ape In –

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So Posh

Those are words right out of Kristy’s mouth! Haha, she wanted to show off the new boots she got then I just had to run and get em too! Also still in love with this jacket from coldlogic.

The skin I’m wearing is NEWWWWWWWW from Izzie’s! It’s amazing, and just so freakin’ cute. Comes with so many options between freckles, lip colors, eyeshadows. Just so pretty. Make sure you go and demo Brianna!

Anyways – enjoy! <33

So Posh In –

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