Our Hideaway

Hey thereee. Been so freaking super busy with events and just RL work like I keep saying. I really do want to apologize to all my sponsors since I am having such a slow month. We signed up for a bunch of events due to the fact that we gotta pay for a cruise in December! Anyways, here’s some new things from FaMESHed along with a new Tableau Vivant hair with a new accessory of theirs! BTW they have new HUDs too! ♥

Our Hideaway

Our Hideaway Inside –

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Chilly Drinks

Hey there frands. Some new things here. A couple from the event L’amitie Summer Market that I spoke about briefly in the last post. Just a little market on Rack Poses sim with some designers with new items! Truth has a new hair out there along with this cute lemonade stand by Ispachi! ♥

Chilly Drinks

Chilly Drinks Inside –

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You Fill Me Up

Hey y’all! So Kirsty from Rack Poses has had a bunch of new PG poses out in the past week or so that I’ve been meaning to post but with the husband who never wants to log on and Terr who hasn’t been able too I wasn’t able to show y’all them! But anyways with that being said, I got the husband online yesterday and took this one picture with the pose! So much cuteness! Also Cynful has new shorts out that has a belt to add along with the shorts. The belt has a HUD to change colors and the shorts also have a HUD that you can change from light, medium, and used textures! ♥

Geek LOTD 801

You Fill Me Up Inside –

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Backyard Barbeque

Hey y’all. So I wanted to do a post with my girlfriend Terrence because well IT’S A BARBEQUE BATHING SUIT PARTY THINGY!! So yeah, she did her own post so you gotta check out hers at her blog Dryhumps! New bathing suits though from coldlogic and FATEwear! ❤

Geek LOTD 775

Backyard Barbeque Inside –

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Home & Garden Expo

Hello lovely people! A bunch of stuff I’m going to be showing y’all in the next few days. The Home and Garden Expo will be opening up in a day or so and I’m excited to show y’all so much new stuff that you can pick up there. Remember 11 sims for y’all to check out! So much to take in for a week long expo. So once it opens start your TPing over there! Some I’m showing were earlier releases but are also available at the vendors plot on the expo’s sim! ❤

Geek LOTD 773

Home & Garden Expo Inside –

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My Little Spot

Hey peoples. Sorry I was gone for a bit. Had to work and went on a mini vacation! I’m gonna get caught up here on more The Garden items. So much amazing items to collect from that event. ❤

Geek LOTD 757

My Little Spot Inside –

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Hanging with the Girls

So yesterday I had asked Ally and Ada to do a blog picture with me with the newness that was at Coldlogic. So this is how it turned out. Now mind you my computer was absolutely not cooperating yesterday which the girls helped me out by taking the group picture for me and its coming out today because the rest of the pictures I had to take today when my computer wasn’t being a douche! So anyways, y’all keep checking back to Ally’s blog when she’s done her side of her outfit!

Also Cold Winters Hunt has started today so get your hunting on y’all! ❤

 Gor LOTD 716

Hanging with the Girls In –

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Shopping Friend

So much to talk about again. More items to show y’all from Together for Sway which opens up tonight at midnight. Also items from a bunch of different other events. I wanna thank my friend Liq for posing with me! LaRoo’s main store is officially open too so go check it out. (Always remember to click on the pictures to make them larger so they look better. WordPress is screwing with me lately!) Enjoy the post!! ❤

Gor LOTD 705

Shopping Friend In –

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In The Meadows

A couple of sales to talk to y’all about. First is this amazing hair that is new from [e] and its the only one that is set on sale for 70% off. I absolutely adore this style. Its perfect with the new LAQ skin! Also the 55L closing sale that Baffle is having right now. This store is adorable and sad its closing! And always huge thanks to Izzie’s for having one of the best looking store sims! ❤

In The Meadows In –

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