Such Pretty Colors

Hey hey! Sorry I’m so MIA. RL is crazy, but I’m finally for the first time an aunt on my family’s side! My nephew is a damn doll and just trying to soak up the RL living right now! Anyways, lots of new stuff to show y’all! Skirt and shirt are amazing, mesh jewelry from HANDverk for Stumblebum is just vibrant in colors, along with this new hair that is mesh from lamb! Loving it. Enjoy! ❤

Such Pretty Colors In –

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Death Row Slavie

Hai, gonna be able to get some stuff done before work today as the husband is over at our new house. Feel like I’m like 85 years old with how sore I am from the last two days! Anyways, there is all newness for y’all with this outfit, necklace, collar, and hair! Hair is from lamb, its mesh, and there are 4 new mesh hairstyles out! Exciting yes. Also Vestigium came out with 3 new tattoos, one that I am sporting here! ❤

Death Row Slave In –

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Cutest Bow

Hai! So I worked allllllllll night on updating my blog. I am really really happy with my layout currently. Anyways about this outfit!

The shirt is from Coloreta’s! Its soooooooo freakin’ cute, comes in several different colors. I’m wearing the toned down version, but there’s also really BRIGHT colors, that I will be posting later on!

Pepper came out with these new mesh pants that also come in a variety of colors! There’s also a spring version featured over at Perfect Wardrobe! ❤

Cutest Bow In –

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Hottie is Pink

HAI! Anyways, new mesh shirt from paper.doll. Freakin’ loveeee the different designs she came up with. Decided on this one even though I’m not even close to being egotistical or anything, just it had the color scheme! lawl. Also new pants that are mesh from Spirit. Mens and female sizes. Great texture along with different prints with dirty, clean, paint stains, etc. Seriously, love, mesh. ❤

Hottie is Pink In –

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Sunday’s Best

I know right, I look like a two cent whore. But come on – this dress is just pure sex – the boots? You can’t get any better than this hookerness! Anyways – the dress is amazinggg and from Medley. <33

Sunday’s Best In –

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That Straight Feeling

Such a cute cute hair that [e] just release. The straight look is actually what I swear IRL, with a little bit of volume since my hair is so thick. Also this dress is from WCF and is amazing. Didn’t wear the shoulder part since I didn’t think it was necessary for Gor. It also comes in a layer where it looks like an actually dress without the vag showing! Anyways, enjoy! ❤

That Straight Feeling In –

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