We Love This Time Of Year

Oh pretty people helloo! The Arcade has officially opened their doors and just like every round there’s a ton of things to pick up. I mostly dropped all my lindens in the O.M.E.N. machine but got some other goodies also! The first pose I’m using is by Rack Poses and it’s for the Invitation Only Hunt! Also at the same PG store where the hunt item is at she has 2 new poses that I’m showing below too! Too freaking cute! Please make sure to also go over to FaMESHed for another new round of great items. Auston’s shirt is by ISPACHI which is featured at FaMESHed like I said, and comes with a HUD to change it between 24 different sweater colors and 18 different shirt colors! ♥

We Love This Time Of Year

We Love This Time Of Year Inside –

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Are You Coming Over?

Hey peoples. So I worked all weekend just like I do every two weeks and wasn’t able to get new things out but I’ll be catching up. Here’s some new things from Cracked Mirror, LaRoo, Boom, Magika, and Infiniti. ♥

Are You Coming Over?

Are You Coming Over In –

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I’m On My Way

Hey y’all. So here’s some more newness from Cracked and Exile along with heels from Fri.day! This outfit seems so cozy, right? ♥

I'm On My Way

I’m On My Way Inside –

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My Darker Side

Hello pretty people. So more things to show y’all. Mostly about FaMESHed and another Hair Fair item. Kinda went with a different look with this brown hair. Kinda digging the brown lately. IDK. Definitely not a color I’ve ever worn before.  ♥

My Darker Side

My Darker Side Inside –

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My Kind Of Day

Hello peoples. I’m showing you some goodies by LaRoo and Cracked. The dress is obviously Cracked comes in several different colors featured over at FaMESHed. Very elegant but cutesy looking. The heels are by LaRoo and can also be found at FaMESHed this month. They have these cute little socks on them and come in either solid or floral pattern! ❤

Geek LOTD 781

My Kind Of Day Inside –

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My Ink

Hello pretty people! I didn’t do much with this post, but wanted to show you some new stuff from FaMESHed! Enjoyyyy ❤

Geek LOTD 749

My Ink Inside –

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Walk Around the Park

Hello pretties. More Pose Fair things to show you. Working diligently to get these previews out for y’all! ❤

Geek LOTD 744

Walk Around the Park Inside –

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