Some Epic Maitreya

Two things to talk about here. FIRST! Its about this cute adorable looking mesh hoodie from Epic. Comes in several different colors. Love how its made with the wide collar and the front pocket. Had to pick a hair that was up to show off the cute happy face infront. Just made amazing.

Also these new jeansss from Maitreya! They are also mesh and are now my favorite mesh jeans. Have a great style, especially with the zipper at the bottom. I don’t mind that they are higher than I usually wear because the damn texture on these look really realistic to me. <33

Some Epic Maitreya In –

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I’m So Pink

Yup, went with the pink hair. Sorry for my absence though, I worked all weekend and it was insane. But now I’m off and before bed I am shooting off a post for y’all! This is something I put together before I went to work on Friday except I added the hair that I got! Anyways, enjoy! ❤

I’m So Pink In –

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Celoe & Mon Tissu

Totally excited to show these items to you! Almost all new from Celoe and Mon Tissu where they finally have their sim opened up! New mesh jeans from Mon Tissu along with a new top from Celoe. Just some gorgeous pieces here!

Also want to let y’all know I most likely won’t have a post out tomorrow due to being busy IRL then I have work soo! If before work I have time I’ll try to get one out there for y’all! <33

Celoe & Mon Tissu In –

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What An Ape

This purse makes me giggle so freakin’ much. I mean, how can you NOT like monkeys?! (PS – purse won’t be released until after the weekend for the new round of PW) Also newness along with the purse is the hair, shirt, and necklace. Love this entire outfit. Never wanna take it off! ❤

What An Ape In –

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Lime Green!

I went to KIM’s to check out the new mesh heels that were released and came across this skirt. I mean, just fucking amazing. First its mesh second its so poofy and bright and just lovely! Anyways, this is what I put together with my bright side! ❤

Lime Green In –

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My Mustache

Hai! I went all stache today on this post! Love these baseball laid back shirts from nestle my bosom! They are amazing!! These shorts are meshhhh from Suicidal Unborn! The shoes – yup there’s a special at hoorenbeck right now for this color for only 200L! So please, get your asses to these places and spend those lindens that are burning in your avie pockets! <33

My Mustache In –

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Cyan or Teal?

Teal is just such a pretty color and this outfit was revolved around this blazer Izzie’s has out for TOSL. This color is only available for this event. Also the cute iPod with headphones is from Pepper and will be available for TFG on Monday. Comes in different lengths for the necklace/headphones and the iPod, and the texture of the iPod changes different colors. Better save your lindens for that item! ❤

So Teal In –

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Balloon Dress

Mesh mesh mesh mesh – yup this dress AND boots are mesh. YES KYRO MORE MESH FOR YOU!! So yeah – EY:NO came out with this dress in several different colors. The boots are from Crazy one color but great detail! ❤

Balloon Dress In –

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You Smell Fishy

Such newness that I had to do yet another post for today.

In -love- with this mesh shirt here. The only thing I had to do was make my tits and ass smaller – which is a shame, but for this item I’ll most definitely not whine about it! Comes in several different colors and so worth the L’s!

Also new HAIR from BURLEY! Woot! 3 new different ones to pick from, you can change the root color on all of them also! And this is just first of a couple new hairs I gotta show y’all! (Gorean minus heels and cleavage!)

You Smell Fishy In –

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