Rock On!

Oh heyyy! So last night I put together an alter ego outfit just for fun then I log on today to see BENT is participating in Limited Bazaar on the 28th of September at noon. The theme is rock and roll and the prop/poses will be 65L, but you better remember to get your booties over there because they are of course limited number of them being sold and after that BENT will be putting them in her store at regular price! Get on over there! Couldn’t freakin’ believe how well my alter ego outfit went with this pose set! ❤

Rock On In –

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More Tough Than You

Hey hey! Been really busy trying to make some items to release in a new store with the husband! Decided to take a break today and blog an outfit I’ve been holding on too along with new hair from Magika! <33 Enjoyyyy

More Tough Than You In –

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Gorean One Voice

Some more new stuff for y’all to pick up at One Voice fundraiser. This is for my gorean peeps, and this outfit is all mesh and really its great since especially with my huge ass – it covers and no need to make it smaller! <33

Gorean One Voice In –

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So a new round of Fluid will be coming out here July 1st, and I am more excited for this round than any other. Its my type o theme which is around called “That’s Risque”. Yup, you know its gonna have alot of tits and ass!

Kirsty was kind enough to pass me over her items for this event and I’m so freakin’ stoked. I even got her approval on the outfit. Though, I changed shoes. Anyways, these are Rack Poses items that will be out sooooon! Enjoy! <33

(Pictures were edited so the garter and stockings will match together.)

Burlesque In –

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Death Row Slavie

Hai, gonna be able to get some stuff done before work today as the husband is over at our new house. Feel like I’m like 85 years old with how sore I am from the last two days! Anyways, there is all newness for y’all with this outfit, necklace, collar, and hair! Hair is from lamb, its mesh, and there are 4 new mesh hairstyles out! Exciting yes. Also Vestigium came out with 3 new tattoos, one that I am sporting here! ❤

Death Row Slave In –

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Zombie Killer?

Kinda digging this outfit right now. Even though wearing this new awesome graffiti belt from [ JP ]:dsg. is pretty badass. Maybe I just use the paint to mark the ones I shot in the head with these amazing guns my HUSBAND made for Bouncer’s poses that I’m rockin’! Totally feel badass in this post, really not gonna lie. Love all these new things that I have for you all and I hope you enjoy! ❤

Zombie Killer In –

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Boom – Elegant

So! First news is. This is my 500th post on my blog! My blog hit 1 year back in January, never celebrated it – but decided I would celebrate my 500th post!

I went all out, got this AMAZING dress from Boom and snatched up my girl Bells for this shot! Spent hours looking for a place, and well this is what we came up with. We kept complimenting eachother on our asses in this dress because they look so fucking great! So many different colors to pick from along with the style that I’m wearing and the one that Bells is wearing. Its MESH of course and the textures with the mesh prim is really made so damn well.

Now I didn’t hit the 50,000 hits that I wanted too for this post, but it was only an unreachable dream that I wanted! LOL It was a shot in the dark, but I still love each and every one of you who follow me! And a special thanks to Bells for posting with me, always an honor to do anything with her! Especially her new event coming up that I’m participating in – The Ego Co.! Check it out here.

Boom – Elegant In –

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Oh So Blah

I’m back! I wasn’t gone long, feeling soo much better from my second ER trip last night! Kidney stones are a bitchhhh! So I’ve had this outfit on for a while because I’ve been wanting to post it, but have been sick. The shirt is from Blah! Love that freakin’ store so much! Also NEW MESH RIGGED HAIR from Magika! I know that was me being so freakin’ excited! ❤

Oh So Blah In –

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Urban and Lazy

Worked most of the night on a new picture that I put up on Flickr since I want to sharpen up on my PS skillz. Had this outfit on for Crack Den since I’ve been there lately while taking a break from the Gor scene. Don’t worry girls I’ll be doing my normal posts, just remember items that are posted any way can some how be used in an outfit in RP! 😀 ❤

Urban and Lazy In –

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Yush, another urban picture because I got these boots today and seriously….SERIOUSLY they are da sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I am in love with them, even if I can’t wear them in the Gor scene. Oh and by the way I appreciate everyone who looks at my blog. I am not one of them, ya know. :DDD

Heels In –

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