I Pray

You know you’ve heard that song before, older country song. But sometimes it fits with some people. 😀 Anyways enjoy this post! ❤

I Pray In –

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Get Bucked!

I feel all rawr in this outfit, but then again the bow on my head makes me feel all “awww”. Loving this look personally. How y’all feel about it?

Get Bucked In –

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New Illusory

Alright first, new skin for Illusory. Ivy came out with the Paige skin, and I’m lovin’ it McDonald’s style. Decided to go with the caramel tone because the hubs wouldn’t let me get lighter. (Even though Tyr said lighter but then Jazzy said the tanner.) If I HAD 2K yeah I woulda bought both. In the pack of skins you get – Dark Brown – Blonde – Red Eyebrow layer along with a freckles layer that I’m sporting. On top of THAT you get 5 packs of lipsticks. – Browns – Pinks – Purples – Reds – Unnaturals.  Anyways, also she came out with new tops in which I’m always sporting in the picture. They are hot sauce. There’s also pants, those will be on a separate post. 😀 Oh and new favorite shoes, FTW

New Illusory In –

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Da Bears

So I found these fuckin’ awesome bear hats and I told my bestie Poiisoned to get her ass over and get one with me. We’ve been running around Gor all night with these cute little fuckers on. Also doing this post with her because she also has a blog on her own. I -respect- her because she has her own style and gets her OWN ideas for her outfits. In conclusion, here is our post together. 😀

Da Bears In –

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Okay so like – there’s this amazing hunt that made me all giddy inside. I’m HUGE on skull stuff IRL, and this hunt was right up my alley. The name is Dia Des Los Muertos Hunt located at ONYX. Alot of good creators did items for this hunt including EY:NO and Pepper. Go like NAO and check it out. Hunt ends November 8th. Also finally made my way over to Blah. Such a cute freakin’ store with some sexy clothes. Another pair of new undies for me to run around in! ❤ Oh yeah AND this is my 300th blog post. >.<

Skullies In –

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Your Own Style

So its Halloween, this is pretty much what I threw together to celebrate this holiday! I know its some things that I’ve blogged before, but its all good. Different looks with different outfits = win. Also I just want to say really quick, everyone has their own style. Everyone has it in them to be able to put their own items together. I love my blog, I adore the shit out of it. I made it so Gorean’s would know that its not all about slapping some kilts and long sleeves together to run around in. The only other thing I ask for is some respect. Some know what I’m talking about and I won’t get into it but yeah, ❤ here’s another LOTD.

Your Own Style In –

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Touch My GSpot!

Okay SO! Huge huge HUGE news. Another new outfit from GSpot. No you’re not dreaming, this is fucking real. I’m seriously all giddy over this and the last outfit Jalilah came out with. I love prim skirts, and the ones she’s doing are so freakin’ detailed and amazing I just can’t contain myself. Literally this outfit has been out for maybe an hour so y’all better get your asses out there and pick it up! I did all three looks – slave, free woman, and modest free woman!

Touch My GSpot In –

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