Fall Into You

Hey peoples. Collabor88 new round is officially up and running. Amazing round with a ton of autumn/fall type items. Another one of my favorite rounds since I can dress like this so early in SL but never IRL. I went dark hair for this one since Clawtooth doesn’t have white hair when it’s not an arcade item! ♥

Fall Into You

Fall Into You Inside –

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That’s My Ride

Hey y’all. New stuff here. I had to show off Auxiliary’s leggings again because I didn’t show them in solid prints and well, I love them. Anyways, more new things. Enjoy! ♥

That's My Ride

That’s My Ride Inside –

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Just Another Day

Morning beauties. Some more Summerfest stuff to show off. Been wearing this outfit for a bit because I love it so much. ♥

Geek LOTD 786

Just Another Day Inside –

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Disney Bound

Okay I know I’m like really late on my entries, but RL has been swamped. I decided to get caught up on the last two and then this weeks round! I am in love with this challenge which I rarely do any, but if any of you actually knew me I am a die hard Disney fan. Hopefully going to Disney World next week too just to fulfill my Disney needs! Haha. Anyways, the first week was Peter Pan, second week was Ariel in her “kissed a girl” scene, and this week is Gason from Beauty and the Beast! Please enjoy my posts representing all the characters. I know alot of pictures, but yeah 3 weeks of entries! ❤

Geek LOTD 746 2

Disney Bound Inside –

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Oh So Cold Outside

Heyyy! So much new stuff and I’ll explain it really quick. Yes I finally got the Lola Tango’s, and I wanted to tell y’all that Cynful has update their V neck shirts to having the Tango appliers along the new dress I’m about to show you. If you have already purchased the V Neck shirt applier then just go to the redelivery terminal and it will give you the update! Tango appliers will be 100L now. ❤

Oh So Cold Outside In –

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My Black and White

Herro! So I’ve been meaning to blog this dress for a while, but I kept keeping it for myself because I love it so much. LOL I’m an ass sorry. Anyways really really love the look of it and of course its mesh! Comes in several different colors and from KIM! I’ve also put on some FaMESHed items to show you along with this amazing chair by Trompe Loeil that comes in different colors along with being mesh as well.

Alsooooo new skin that was released by Izzie’s that is ADORABLE! Its called Faith and has a ton of tones with eyeshadows included. There are also some lipglosses that are sold separately but I honestly just loved the plain lips on the skin. Its so suddle. <33

My Black and White In –

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Harvest in the Summer Harvest Hunt

Oh hai! Had to do another post on the hunt because I really just can’t get enough of all the amazing items the awesome designers have worked on! I’m just gonna get right into this post! <33

Harvest in the Summer Harvest Hunt Inside –

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You’re MEAN You’re Plastik!

LOLOL Mean Girls, ftw! For real though, love this tank top. This entire outfit is really something I’d wear IRL. Just laid back, and alot of times haven’t been carrying the purse lately! <33

You’re MEAN You’re Plastik! In –

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Hair Fair 2012 Round 2

Hey y’all. More hairs for y’all that were finally released last night, but it got to be too late for me to post em! I’m still not done doing some that I’d like to do, but I swear I’ll get to em! If you haven’t got in yet, just remember. This fair runs until the 29th, so you will have a chance to join the cause! <33 (LM’s below pictures are only the store’s LM’s. Not the events! Events LM are at the very bottom!)

Hair Fair 2012 Round 2 In –

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All Tangled

Soooooo Magika released this new hair today. Its mesh, its lovely, and I freakin’ love the colors. Another version of the Duo pack, but comes in regular colors as well. Just adorable as usual from Magika. I am also sporting the new mesh gauged ears from AITUI, but can’t really see with the hair. I swear when things settle down I will completely show them off for y’all! But the pants are from Wear Grey event also from Cynful! Check it below! ❤

All Tangled In –

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