Going To See Mine

Hello there. Some new things from Cynful that is currently featured at With Love event that started on the 7th. Also new gacha poses by Rack Poses that is at her PG store! Aren’t these just adorable for Valentine’s Day? Oh and you see these heels? Gorgeousss and from Fri.day this round at Collabor88! The nails are by Wicked Peach and at this next round of Serephim Social Bookclub! ♥

Going To See Mine

Going To See Mine Inside –

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New Outside Traditions

Heyyyy so this post is gonna be huge and since it’s so big I’ve decided I’ll do it in separate posts just so I can cover each item with a nice quality lay out. First I’ll just talk about what’s up front and shown directly in these photos below! Mostly the items are from The Garden and Poser Pavilion that opened on the 15th and some items from Frost which I covered the other day!

FYI – The Gazebo does come in snow and no snow versions and when clicking the gazebo the lights will turn on and off! ♥

New Outside Traditions

New Outside Traditions Inside –

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How I Watch TV

Heyy. Just to let you know, Shoetopia closes here in a couple of days 11/30th! Well more than a couple, exactly three. So yeah remember to get over there and support a great cause along with picking up some very well unique pieces! One being these new heels from LaRoo. Another thing to remember is LaRoo has the new skin matching system for all you lazy bums out there like me! ♥

How I Watch TV

How I Watch TV Inside –

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Will You Warm Me?

Heyyyy peoples! Some new things hereee. Exile, Fri.day, and Izzie’s. ♥

Will You Warm Me?

Will You Warm Me Inside –

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Collect Them All!

Hey y’all! Some more Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I wanted to show you some of the new headbands that’ll be available at the carnival. I was not able to show one since I didn’t receive it and took the pictures before purchasing but Stitched Gods has a machine of them. Also you have both The Forge and GSpot with them. Well GSpot has two machines but the second machine only has the headband as an ultra rare which I showed you the other day! ♥

Collect Them All!

Collect Them All Inside –

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Just Dressing Up

Hey everyone! So new post for y’all. Couple new items out at events. Check them out! ❤

Geek LOTD 761

Just Dressing Up Inside –

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Holiday Shenanigans

The man loves to ruin moments. ❤

A bunch of new items to show you all so I’ll just get into it!

 Gor LOTD 703

Holiday Shenanigans In –

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