Pretty Snow Rabbit

Another post for y’all on Snow Rabbit! I really love this mesh head because it’s a bit young looking and the smile is so cute! I definitely think if you are a person who doesn’t mind wearing a mesh head and are a child/teen avie to use this head because it’ll definitely look adorable! The options you can change are the eyeshadows, the moles which you can have on both sides at once, either or, or not at all. Eyelashes are changable for thick or thin and 4 different styles. There are 4 different color blushes as well! There’s another feature that I’m not able to show you, but so many other amazing blogs like Brandi Monroe’s here shows you that the mesh head cries! Yes people, falling animated tears. So pretty!

There is also another event coordinating group called The Liason Collaborative that I will be blogging for that I am really excited about. Some great people are involved in it, along with some fantastic events in the works. One event that will be opening tomorrow is called The Boutique and I’ll be featuring some items from that event! I’ll be blogging more items on it too, don’t worry! ❤Geek LOTD 739 3

Pretty Snow Rabbit Inside –

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Oh So Cold Outside

Heyyy! So much new stuff and I’ll explain it really quick. Yes I finally got the Lola Tango’s, and I wanted to tell y’all that Cynful has update their V neck shirts to having the Tango appliers along the new dress I’m about to show you. If you have already purchased the V Neck shirt applier then just go to the redelivery terminal and it will give you the update! Tango appliers will be 100L now. ❤

Oh So Cold Outside In –

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With Maci

So today I ran over immediately to get Maitreya’s new dress and boots mesh release. Like, IMMEDIATELY! Loveee the boots, and the dress is amazing as well. Dress has 4 different designs where I will be showing you two different designs in this post, and the boots have several different colors. Of course I know lately I haven’t been touching base with Gor, but I haven’t forgotten about them and will still be blogging in that genre. These boots will definitely a great addition to that genre!

On another note, a sweet sweet girl Maci decided that she’d post with me! Another one of my Plurk buddies and just a down to Earth girl. She is amazingly pretty, and I just wanna keep her forever! Most likely you’ll be seeing more of her because I LOVE posting with others. We both decided on our post also that our own credits will be posted on our own blog, so you must check hers for her own look here!

Enjoy my lovies! <33

With Maci In –

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Stairway Relax

Hey hey. New round of ZombiePopcorn Brand is now in session. I’m here to show you some of the great items that are already out since I was working all weekend and unable to get this out there sooner! Enjoy and all that! <33

Stairway Relax Inside –

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One Voice

I’m sooo sorry guys. I worked all weekend long. I’m really sorry I couldn’t pull my weight this weekend, especially being there were sooo many events starting. Really though right now I just want to talk to you about one called “One Voice”. This event is for raising money for Curio’s creator Gala Phoenix and the financial fees she’s having to come up with IRL for  the DMCA that was filed against her. If you want to read more, just check out her main site here. Now again I’m sorry, and I am really down because I wasn’t able to get into the event during bloggers hours to pick up all kinds of great items to show y’all to get you all excited, but I’m blogging what I’m able too at the moment. These are still awesome items, but I’m sad that I couldn’t do a larger post then I wanted too. The sim is currently down and I’m having to do this blog after my 36 hours of working before bed just to get the word out to my viewers! Please guys, when you get the chance to head over and support this event. <33

One Voice In –

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