Love Or Hate?

New round of Perfect Wardrobe is underway. This round it is revolved around the Valentine’s holiday that is coming upon us very soon. Love how each designer here did their spin on the holiday how they and the consumers could take this “Forever Alone” holiday. My RL will be the first with my husband this year. I work the actual day, but doesn’t mean we won’t be celebrating it this coming weekend. Bow chica bow wow! ❤

Love Or Hate In –

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Pink Robots

Entire outfit revolved around these AMAZINGGG feet. Just in love. Saw Jade came out with these for Perfect Wardrobe and I quickly had to find some things to put together for an outfit. I know I look crazy and ridiculous again because usually I’m a very either black or brown kinda girl, but these bright colors are just being released everywhere. I really hope y’all enjoy these! (The feet come in either pink or purple and animate with flashing colors!)

Also these new eyes are mesh and are new from ONYX Wear. They come with a hud with several different pupil options along with eyes that are animated to move between the pupil sizes. Several different colors to pick from! ❤

Pink Robots In –

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Holy hell okay so I didn’t something different with my pictures because well I look REALLY different. This picture is dedicated to a new round of Perfect Wardrobe that starts tomorrow! The theme this time is Rainbow, and man did some of the designers definitely go colored out on this one! This is only one post of many other items I’ll post for this round! I know I look like a crazy mess, but I tried to get as much items as I could! haha! I know I’m a dork >.<

Rainbow In –

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Fairy Tale of a Perfect Wardrobe

Long title but it tells it all! Another round of Perfect Wardrobe is in effect right now. This is just a couple of the great items that are out right now! Also NEW landmark for the event also – so make sure you click on the one below! ❤

Fairy Tale of a Perfect Wardrobe In –

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My Delusions

Another round of Grenade Free Wednesday! I know I already did a post on Epic’s items for this week, but now I want to talk about Delusions! Its the sexy slutty skirt I am sporting right hur. There are 9 different colors to choose from at 65L each, OR the fat pack at 299L! So girlies – get your sexy asses down there for this great item with an awesome fuckin’ price! ❤

My Delusions In –

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Greens and Reds

IRL I am actually really buh-humbug, but in SL I look like I’m all in the Christmas spirit. Here is a new outfit for y’all. The boots are only 99L’s, the hair is for the With Love (Again) hunt for 10L’s and the backpack is a group gift from Severed Gardens! Enjoy! ❤

Greens and Reds In –

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I got muh antlers on bro! Anyways! New items for ya, more from Perfect Wardrobe and new shorts from Loop!

These Loop pants come in 10 colors, and in men’s and female’s version!

Rudolph In –

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Christmas Perfect Wardrobe

Its Christmas time in Perfect Wardrobe!!! That’s right, another round of items at the Perfect Wardrobe! All Christmas items that are just amazing every single piece of it. I’ll try my best to get all items out there! This is my first post on it! ENJOY! ❤

Christmas Perfect Wardrobe In –

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Winter Wonderland Pt 2

Here’s another outfit from Perfect Wardrobe! I really hope you enjoy it, the hooves comes with 2 different styles with two different colors. Hooves are either black or brown, ribbon puffs comes in black or brown, and it also comes in non hooves version like leg warmers! Gotta love Epic! ❤

Winter Wonderland Pt 2 In –

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The Chills With PW

Another edition of Perfect Wardrobe is out NOW! I’m sorry I didn’t put out my look sooner because I was working all night, but here is my first outfit from the event. Alot of great winter items are out for your buying pleasure. ❤

The Chills With PW In –

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