I’m Crazy

Seriously, yes. I’m blogging this weird ass outfit. Had something along these lines on for days while I was building and/or shopping! Put some more on to this outfit and BAM, weird ass making no sense outfit! Anyways, I really wanted to do something different with the bikini because I didn’t wanna do the beach look. The bikini is new and from Boom. Comes in sooooo many different colors/styles. You have GOT to go pick up your pairs to mix and match! Harness is my husband’s creation from [Haste] that is mesh and comes in 10 different colors!! <33

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Bullet Proof Vest

Not really, just sounded good since I’m wearing the new Villena mesh vest! <33

Bullet Proof Vest In –

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Hey Skimpy Dress

This dress is a must have. Its from The Whore Mansion and its just whore tastic for you sluttes! Basically this is what I put with it, some old with some new. Love the new hair too! <33

Hey Skimpy Dress In –

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Elements of Sin

Okay so, I have a bunch of items to show y’all since I was MIA for a couple days. Perfect Wardrobe is back today with the theme of Elements! Great theme with Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth items! Another event I’ve already talked about a couple of times is Festival of Sin! I’m showing you more items that you can pick up from there, not even close to done with showing what that event has to offer! ❤

Elements of Sin In –

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Ready For Battle

Love is a battlefield? Was just something I was throwing together, decided before I take it off I should go ahead and post it. Just a bunch of bits and pieces from here an there. Enjoy! ❤

Ready For Battle In –

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Oh So Dom!

So the purdy BellaStarr Fhang was asking through Plurk (which I just joined today) about someone blogging with her. I was pretty bored and not RPing so I told her I’d take her up on that offer! I have always always loved her blog, she’s freakin’ cute as hell and I just couldn’t resist! So basically this is the outfit we decided on together. Hot right? Yup, just two sexy sexy girls! 😀 <333

Oh So Dom In –

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Blood Red

Put this outfit together a couple nights ago, but have been working so I’m finally getting it out now. Totally in LOVE with this hair! Logged on quickly to go and purchase it, been waiting for this one specifically since I saw someone put it up on Flickr! Probably one of my favorite up do’s! I really hope y’all enjoy this twist on these pants since there has been alot out blogs out on them. ❤

Blood Red In –

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