Sailing With Vikings

Hey there! Some new things here. Especially this hair. Kinda baller right? Anyways, this top is absolutely phenomenal! It of course matches all the new things Aisling has to bring to you from 2 different events. We ❤ RP is now open and has this top at it along with the shoulders/pauldrons. Of course this belt is at The Secret Affair which is comes in the same package as the dress. Lastly Junbug is at an event called Love & War Fair where this collar will be found in a gacha! Lastly these adorable snakes are from Chapter Four which just opened and comes in several different colors. I modded the black one to go on my upper arm! ♥

Sailing With Vikings

Sailing With Vikings Inside –

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The Beauty In Gor

So obviously this isn’t so traditional Gorean, but just slapped some things together. Take pieces of what you like and do your own thing per usual. I’m finally getting around to blogging some new pieces released by Ryvolter. Also more C88 things that’ll be ending here soon. ♥

The Beauty In Gor

The Beauty In Gor Inside –

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For Our Amusement

Hey thur. Decided to do a post today with the wonderful Terrence. I love this girl so much! <3333333333

Second picture was taken by her because my computer sucks.

Check out Terr’s blog here.

Geek LOTD 759

For Our Amusement Inside –

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No More Autumn Blues

So much newness to tell everyone about! Okay so first of all Truth over the weekend released 3 new hair styles all mesh, the one I’m wearing is not rigged so you’re able to adjust it to your liking! Also this trench coat is new and mesh from mon tissu which is in several colors, this blue was my absolute favorite color of them! Next Cynful this weekend released new jeans from their Zia line, but this time they are mesh and in all colors, sizes, and even cuff styles! I have so much more to show y’all, but wanted to get this out before I had to work on my own creations being released this week! ❤

No More Autumn Blues In –

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