I’m Crazy

Seriously, yes. I’m blogging this weird ass outfit. Had something along these lines on for days while I was building and/or shopping! Put some more on to this outfit and BAM, weird ass making no sense outfit! Anyways, I really wanted to do something different with the bikini because I didn’t wanna do the beach look. The bikini is new and from Boom. Comes in sooooo many different colors/styles. You have GOT to go pick up your pairs to mix and match! Harness is my husband’s creation from [Haste] that is mesh and comes in 10 different colors!! <33

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Went zombie hunting tonight to help the husband out with weapons testing. Of course I had to dress for the occasion, so this is what I came up with! Not gonna post the entire outfit, really I just want to focus around the amazing mesh corset by Tyr from Aura that will be available for the Fairy Tale event starting tomorrow. Also the mesh weapon my husband updated with new scripts, and the great poses by Bouncer! <33

Hunters In –

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Zombie Killer?

Kinda digging this outfit right now. Even though wearing this new awesome graffiti belt from [ JP ]:dsg. is pretty badass. Maybe I just use the paint to mark the ones I shot in the head with these amazing guns my HUSBAND made for Bouncer’s poses that I’m rockin’! Totally feel badass in this post, really not gonna lie. Love all these new things that I have for you all and I hope you enjoy! ❤

Zombie Killer In –

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