She’s That Sweet

Hey peoples. So many Arcade things in this post. Look at me go! Wanted to do a cute sweet one with all the candy type items at the event along with some of the other fun items that have came out lately! ♥

She's That Sweet

She’s That Sweet Inside –

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In My Fashion Week

So as of right now SL Fashion Week is officially open and I’m getting my post out just in time! You all have got to get over there and check it out because there are so many great items I couldn’t get it all in just one post! Anyways enjoy this post! ❤

Gor LOTD 717

In My Fashion Week –

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A New Surprise

Hey hey! Been extremely busy lately with a new project, but wanted to get a new post out for y’all. Of course you know about the new wave of ZombiePopcorn Brand. So many great items, some listed below for y’all to shop at. Also a new event called Zodiac. This round is of course, Leo. Just so much amazing things to go pick up right now. <33 (PS – My computer took some really crappy pictures tonight. Dunno if I’m having shit internet or not =/)

A New Surprise In –

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Preview again!

Oh hai! 😀 So more stuff for y’all to check out at the Faire when it opens tomorrow! Epic has released some Petite outfits which are 399L for the one that I am wearing and go towards American Cancer Society. Also she came out with another gatcha for these cute single fluttering butterflies that keep roaming around you. Comes in either petite or regular avie.

Plastik is releasing her new mesh Petite avies in which I am showing you one of them down below! I have a nice little message from her that I want to show y’all. Will explain her line and such.

“I’m planning a nailcolor hud and some other features as i continue to release and work on them, and I plan on releasing the Petites with the Aleria and Averian skins, My latest skinline, as well. The ranges of skins are very very wide, and I also plan on doing the MALE and FEMALE Aquamer skins; Those are the ones that have scales and come in some wild, wild colors. The Petites skins will first be released at Fantasy faire, and there will be special edition ones, some of which, the sales will go directly to the charity Relay for Life. I also plan on releasing an extensive line of eyes and clothing once Relay for life and Culture Shock are over!  🙂

These Petites avatars will debut at the beginning of Fantasy Faire 2012!

The elven colors will only be available at Fantasy Faire, and feature the Ataciara skins,and then after the event is over, they will be available at the petites Market.

The Natural tones have 6 skintones and feature the Ataciara skins, A slightly older skinline, but it’s my most popular skinline and I had a lot of requests right off of the bat for it.

The heads for MY petites avatars are a CUSTOM MESH head, and no other store will have the mesh that comes with my avatars. This custom head features more adult features for the more serious fae, and looks more distinguished for the people who like to play adult faeries.”

– Plastik

Preview Again In –

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Some Epic Maitreya

Two things to talk about here. FIRST! Its about this cute adorable looking mesh hoodie from Epic. Comes in several different colors. Love how its made with the wide collar and the front pocket. Had to pick a hair that was up to show off the cute happy face infront. Just made amazing.

Also these new jeansss from Maitreya! They are also mesh and are now my favorite mesh jeans. Have a great style, especially with the zipper at the bottom. I don’t mind that they are higher than I usually wear because the damn texture on these look really realistic to me. <33

Some Epic Maitreya In –

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Meshed Up!

Threw this outfit together for a cute slave look in Gor. Shirt is MESH and is from Perfect Wardrobe by Epic! Skirt is new from SAKIDE which is also MESH and comes in several different colors. Just love what these designers are coming out with! Enjoy! ❤

Meshed Up In –

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Hooves Of Power

Sorry for the no post yesterday. I already blame Tyr and Bella for it! Jay Kay, I actually blame my internet for being an asshole. Anyways, this post is for The Whore Couture that will be happening March 1st! Here are a couple items that you can pick up there!


Hooves Of Power In –

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My Religion

Was running from here and there with the bestie today looking for something for this shirt. Started with panties and ended up with this! Shirt is from Cynful which is their first MESH item. Comes in several different colors and patterns!

Also the paws are from Epic, will be available for 55L Friday! Will be in paws and hooves at the main store!

Enjoy!! ❤

My Religion In –

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Elements of Sin

Okay so, I have a bunch of items to show y’all since I was MIA for a couple days. Perfect Wardrobe is back today with the theme of Elements! Great theme with Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth items! Another event I’ve already talked about a couple of times is Festival of Sin! I’m showing you more items that you can pick up from there, not even close to done with showing what that event has to offer! ❤

Elements of Sin In –

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