Mesh Is Good

Just cannot get enough. More mesh for your liking and I’m obsessed also with these new pants and shirt. <33

Mesh Is Good In –

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This Is How I Do

Yes not the typical outfit, but put together some items I got from FLF the other night. I know I’m late but shit I work IRL bros! haha ❤

This Is How I Do In –

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Sophisticated But Not Domesticated

Do not ask about the title, it just came to mind this early morning post. And you know, some people (I won’t put names here) say I don’t wear clothing. Well here is a post for those that don’t think its possible. (But I’ll insert name here – Niv – )

Sophisticated But Not Domesticated In –

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Cynful Slavie

Cuteeee skirt jumpsuit from Cynful, she released them not long ago I believe and they are just freaking plain adorable. I really wish I could walk around with just the jumpsuit on, but yeah collaring is bad. ❤

Cynful Slavie In –

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Sexy In Green

Slapped this outfit together last night. I decided to be a little bit more revealing than I have been lately. I kinda look like a slave, but I really don’t care. Its cute and well people can suck it!

Sexy In Green –

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Oh Babyyyy Pink!

Decided to do one more post before bed. I feel in love with this shirt when it came out, decided to finally post it. Also finally put on Luck’s new jeans, even though JEANS ARE ALLOWED IN GOR. Gasps. Evolved. 😀 And a new item for Returned Karma. Check check CHECK it.

Oh So Pink In –

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