Kill The Twin!

Still wanting to show y’all some more awesome Cinema items to pick up! Decided on this post to bring back out my alter ego, and have her look like she’s killing the main Harvest. Just a little fun stuff to go with the theme of Cinema! ❤

Kill The Twin In –

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The 1970’s – Vintage Fair

Had to ask Kirsty to do another post with me on the Vintage Fair! Had too much fun with this one! Disco was a great era, even this amazing dress that will be available at Vintage Fair by .evolve.! Comes in several different styles and is mesh. <33

The 1970’s – Vintage Fair In –

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The 1960’s – Vintage Fair

When I saw this pose from Baffle! I KNEW I needed it. It’s so freakin’ cute, and definitely went along well with my 60’s picture! The skirt I’m also sporting is from my girl Bells’ store .evolve. comes in soooo many different colors! It was so hard to choose which one. The purse and earrings are currently at FaMESHed and one of the first items from Tyr and Ivy’s new collab store Auxiliary. Cannot wait for more items to be released by them!! <33

The 1960’s – Vintage Fair In –

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Summer Gatcha

So I keep talking about this weekend’s goodness and I’m just adding to that pile. Summer Gatcha Festival is officially open so get your booties over there and start getting your rare items! Also more Stumblebum for y’all. Alot of great items for this round. I want to also tell y’all that Aura and Illusory are having a sale on some of their items as they are going to be merging into an awesome brand that I am so freakin’ excited for. I’m wearing the skin that Tyr is going to be retiring, Briar, and if you don’t have them already – then TP your way over there to pick em all up until they are gone for good! Enjoy! <33

Summer Gatcha In –

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Hodgepodge with Swimsuit

Newness for y’all. Kim released this swimsuit in several different colors which are mesh. All standard sizes available. Also shorts are mesh and from MIEL for FLF that have a hud to change from several different colors along with the ass having words and symbols in which a HUD is available to change that also. Grab em before time is up. <33

Hodgepodge with Swimsuit In –

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Hey girls and some guys! Decided to play with more poses today, and thought this camera pose was perfect for the outfit. You know how much I love mesh, so yes the camera itself is mesh along with this new dress from evolve and bag! Dress can be found at the Fashion Cache. All pictures taken at the newly re-done sim Where It Begins! Enjoy! ❤

Photography In –

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Crack Den Flash Mob

Hai! Quick post about this -amazing- pose made by the wonderful Bells owner of .evolve. The pose can be found at Pose Fair! Go get your asses over there cause its finally open to get your poses! I decided to get an entire community together of Crack Den for this picture, + Kirsty because I love her lots! <33

Crack Den Flash Mob In –

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Pose Fair Preview

So if y’all weren’t aware, Pose Fair 2012 will be open on Sunday! Really excited to be able to show this to y’all! I have a ton of favorite pose places which I show y’all alot like .evolve. (that I will be showing you below) and RACK Poses which you know I’m a HUGE fan off – but CnS for years have been one of my favorites. Eve was so sweet to pass me the ones he’s gonna have out exclusively for the Pose Fair and here is y’alls preview! When it opens I’ll be sure to update this page with a LM! ❤

Pose Fair Preview In –

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Wear Grey

Another new event for y’all to shop at. I’m a little late on it because there’s been so much stuff at once lately! This one goes to a great cause for the American Brain Tumor Association. Really hope y’all make your way to this event. Sorry its a quick one, but I gotta work again today. Story of my life! ❤

Wear Grey In –

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Pretty Floral

Hai! Slapped this cute little outfit together with some floral patterns and pretty meadows in mind! Love this top from Izzie’s which comes in several different colors/prints. Also the new hair is lamb like I told you before. New bag from celoe with the heels. Just loving this outfit! ❤

Pretty Floral In –

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