Live Through The Night

Hello!! I know this looks a bit creepy, but I was wanting to do something cool for Remarkable Oblivion’s items from The Arcade! ♥

Live Through The Night

Live Through The Night Inside –

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The New Jack and Elizabeth

Hey y’all! So I got sooo many new things to show you on Fantasy Gacha Carnival. First off the first pose we used is by Rack Poses and it’s her Rare!! It’s a couples pose that does come with a mace for the male and a sword for the female! The outfit I’m wearing is from Alchemy and is one of the rares that is the dress, hat, and eyepatch. The necklace is from them too but it’s a common along with Jack the Monkey! The cat is a rare and is so freaking adorable. It’s holdable but he got the stand on his own two feet..well one foot and a peg leg! LOL Auston is wearing the top and pants from Go! which is their rare along with Stitch’s cape at the event! The bird is adorable and by Pixicat that is their rare. Lastly I’m wearing one of Little Bones new hair at the event that’s a really great pirate apparel! ♥

The New Jack and Elizabeth

The New Jack and Elizabeth Inside –

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A Pirate’s Life For Me

Heyyyy thur. So Fantasy Collective this round is PIRATESSSS. Of course it’s a freaking amazing round and all I kept saying is “WE WANT THE RED HEAD, WE WANT THE RED HEAD!” hopefully my Disney fans get that reference! So I’m wearing a bunch of new things that are pirate and posed with things that are pirate. I hope you enjoy! ♥

A Pirate's Life For Me

A Pirate’s Life For Me Inside –

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Tan Skin, Fat Ass

Hey thur. Some new things to show y’all. Mostly Noodles cause she’s awesome and even a new top by me and the husband! Weee. Another new round of The Boutique, The Garden, and Poser Pavilion are underway. Don’t forget to drop by! ♥

Tan Skin, Fat Ass

Tan Skin, Fat Ass Inside –

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White Isn’t Just On Her Head

Hey hey! So I put together an outfit last night and I kinda liked it. I’ve been hanging on to this hair since I spotted it at Chapter Four last round. Put it with this outfit and went with it. I got two different headbands on. One being a crown from Keystone which will be featured at The Secret Affair event which opens April 6th at 12 SLT. Also I really loved this flower crown that is at the event I talked about on Saturday! FYI – The white paint tattoo layer I’m wearing. It comes with a face chin part, but I photoshopped that out cause I’m not a fan of them! ♥

White Isn't Just On Her Head

White Isn’t Just On Her Head Inside –

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Showing Some Hip

Helloooo. I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a couple of days. Been working on Fusion fashion shoot pictures for a deadline so I had to get them done, but now I’m back to getting blogging here! I’ll most likely post those looks on my blog when the article comes out! Anyways, new things here. The Forge has a couple of things. Both of these bangles are new. The one with the jewels is from an event called the Countdown Room which the items will be set for 50% off but the room will countdown to 0 and everyone will get ejected. It comes with a HUD to change the different parts of the bangle. Other bangles come in several different colors where you can mix and match! Also he released the leg bracers in two new colors being worn black (which I made darker) and bronze. I really also love this dress from Blueberry. Gotta show some hip girlll! Anddd there’s also new poses for Rack Poses which will be at the grand new opening of Poser Pavilion on March 15th! Lastly I’m wearing the new Glam Affair skin called Romy that is currently at Skin Fair! ♥

Showing Some Hip

Showing Some Hip Inside –

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Can I Pull Off Black?

Heyy! Some new things here! The Forge collar and I LOVEE these rare horns from Half Deer! ♥

Can I Pull Off Black?

Can I Pull Off Black Inside –

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