Boom That Hucci

Hai y’all! Another post for today since I’m trying to be on the ball with things. I love this entire freakin’ outfit! The shirt and pants are NEW, shirt from Hucci and pants from Boom! Both mesh with tons of colors and sizes. Hair is new from Truth that has a huge cute factor! Its not mesh for y’all out there still not wanting to touch that scene! <33

Boom That Hucci In –

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You’re MEAN You’re Plastik!

LOLOL Mean Girls, ftw! For real though, love this tank top. This entire outfit is really something I’d wear IRL. Just laid back, and alot of times haven’t been carrying the purse lately! <33

You’re MEAN You’re Plastik! In –

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Hey hey. Bunch of newness for y’all. The entire outfit was based around this amazing new top from coldlogic. Love the back of it. And the hair is not white, like I usually wear – but at One Voice, Exile only put out black, brown, red, blonde, and pink. ❤ Enjoy

Bleached In –

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So a new round of Fluid will be coming out here July 1st, and I am more excited for this round than any other. Its my type o theme which is around called “That’s Risque”. Yup, you know its gonna have alot of tits and ass!

Kirsty was kind enough to pass me over her items for this event and I’m so freakin’ stoked. I even got her approval on the outfit. Though, I changed shoes. Anyways, these are Rack Poses items that will be out sooooon! Enjoy! <33

(Pictures were edited so the garter and stockings will match together.)

Burlesque In –

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My Fairy Tale

There is a dark side to every fairy tale. Well mostly. My avie stuck in that dark side, trying to stay away from good peering in. I hope you enjoy this post because I had some imagination blocks doing it! <33

My Fairy Tale In –

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Strollin’ Around

Or trolling around? JK. Anyways, meant to post this yesterday, but it got too late and had to leave for work. Just a couple of things here from the Fairy Tales event. Soooo many great items, that I hope y’all would get a chance to go check out! ❤

Strollin’ Around In –

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