Seasons Winter Gacha

I pretty much went insane at this event. Well not that bad as I could have, but got REALLY lucky with getting a bunch of Rare’s when I wasn’t trying because I wanted to save my money each time I moved around LOL! So yes, Seasons Winter Gacha is out and ready for you all to get your booties over there and pick up some great items. This is pretty much my outfit revolving around the hunt! lol <33

Seasons Winter Gacha In –

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Fluff Stuff

Still loving this hair, but gotta tell you about a sale that is going on. There is a 10L sale at Coloreta’s at the main store upstairs only. These pants I’m wearing are not in the sale, but seriously could not pass up not posting them. Just a great different style to wear around Gor for you sexy free women!

Something else want to talk about is this shirt + scarf by Epic. I mean look at it, such a sexy long sleeve shirt that has a low cut in the front then you can purchase the monkey scarf to cover that up in Gor. You really shouldn’t pass these items up which will be at GFW at Jersey Shore sim. Both items are 45L’s each and will be in the brown as pictured and sea green. She will be leaving them out at the sim until Friday.

All in all, GOOOO to Coloreta’s and Epic now!! ❤

Fluff Stuff In –

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Safe Candy

Pretty much doing a post on what I like to wear as Urban wear. Since I’m stepping foot back into Crack Den this is my first outfit that I’m sporting.

When I saw Magika put this new hair on Flickr last night I wanted to scream with joy because this hair is just freakin’ amazing! Along with the new Christmas add on for the bun. I never ever want to take this hair off!

Safe Candy In –

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Oi Oi Oi Oi

Another new outfit for you guys, this one is a free outfit (obviously). The belt is by a very very sweet creator Candela Kira who contacted me about blogging her items. This is the first of many. Check out her shop Runaway.

Oi Oi Oi Oi In –

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It’s Friday!

Well its sorta Saturday, but it was just Friday because FLF was out! I tried to put together a Gorean outfit for all the items -but- I may have failed. Anyways, here’s some of the new stuffies, try to go get and get them. Hopefully they are still out since I took so long to post!

It’s Friday In –

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