Black Widow

Hey there! Some new things to show you. First I’ll be selfish and talk about my own store. My lovely husband made these hot pants for The Fantasy Collective which opens up on the 20th! They come in 10 different colors and with each color you’ll receive a HUD that you can change the belt to 10 different colors and the metals in 5 different colors! Awesome right? I love choices! Also I’ll be releasing new nipple rings which I’m sporting here. The hair is sexy and from Moon which is currently at Kustom9. Also this face paint and some items behind me are from The Fantasy Collective as well! ♥

Black Widow

Black Widow Inside –

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Come Play With Me

I am soooo excited that Truth has finally made some textures with faded colors. I love them from all the other hair creators, and now that Truth has it it pretty much makes my SL perfect. I’m reallllly loving this color specifically. I know its not my usual white, but the blonde color is beautiful. Also new heels from Hucci, with a hot short mesh skirt from Happy Undead! ❤

Come Play With Me In –

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More Arcade Antics

Sorry y’all for the absence over the weekend. Usual RL work stuff ya’know? Anyways, did some buying/selling/trading for The Arcade and its been a freakin’ blast. I put together this outfit with some accessories and I really am super happy to do this post! My husband said I look like a Disney World tourist and I’m totally okay with that! Remember to jump on over to The Arcade when you get a chance! ❤

More Arcade Antics In –

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Ready for Fall

I wish in Florida there was actually a “fall” season because its just hot hot hot until BOOM cold hits mid December. I love Fall and obviously the clothes that come out around then. There’s some newness at coldlogic that I had to go grab and these two sweaters are just a start of what all they released. ❤

Ready for Fall In –

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Pin Wheel

So I haven’t been blogging lately because I’m still having issues with my computer. Tonight I just couldn’t handle it, and went for it anyways. This is what I get outta it, but I’m loving this outfit right now. Such an adorable throw on new mesh shirt from mon tissu! <33

Pin Wheel In –

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A New Surprise

Hey hey! Been extremely busy lately with a new project, but wanted to get a new post out for y’all. Of course you know about the new wave of ZombiePopcorn Brand. So many great items, some listed below for y’all to shop at. Also a new event called Zodiac. This round is of course, Leo. Just so much amazing things to go pick up right now. <33 (PS – My computer took some really crappy pictures tonight. Dunno if I’m having shit internet or not =/)

A New Surprise In –

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Side Boob

Yup, side boob on this awesome mesh top from Hucci! In love with this top soo much. Also along with this skirt that is from Spirit. Both come in all their different sizes, and several different colors to choose from! ❤ PS – Totally forgot to wear a collar for this slave outfit, but yeah! LOL

Side Boob In –

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Full Of Brown

Hur hur!

Couple of things! First is the meshhhhhhhhhhhhh bag from the wonderful and oh so talented Tyr creator of Aura! Bag will be at the Back to Black event that starts tomorrow!! Comes in 3 different colors with 3 different hand/holding animations! Its rigged also! ❤

Next is this cute skirt which is from Pepper. The belt comes in 9 different designs, with the ruffles that changes to several different colors. It looks amazing along, and over items like I’m wearing!

Full Of Brown In –

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In The Swamps

I’ve been waiting and waiting for AOHARU to come out with some mesh stuff and the time if finally here. Presenting to you this super cute jacket that comes in several differen’t unique colors. Loving the details on it, also had to get yellow because I wanted to badly to wear the Briar Daisy skin! ❤

In The Swamps In –

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Balloon Dress

Mesh mesh mesh mesh – yup this dress AND boots are mesh. YES KYRO MORE MESH FOR YOU!! So yeah – EY:NO came out with this dress in several different colors. The boots are from Crazy one color but great detail! ❤

Balloon Dress In –

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