I Can Be Dominate

Well I can for pictures anyways! LOL So Bells wanted to do a hot post with some Fluid items. She wanted to be the submissive so here I am. Doing the dominate thing! Enjoy! ❤

I Can Be Dominate In –

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The Stool

So, as I keep reminding you a new round of Fluid starts tomorrow Sunday 12 pm SLT. Theme is “That’s Risque” with the subcategories of Burlesque, S&M, and Voyeurism & Exhibitionism. This is my second item for the Burlesque subcategory and I’m really glad I’m doing it for an awesome person Bouncer with Bounce This Poses! Stool has 6 poses built in and its fully adjustable. Even to my tiny avie! Do not miss any of this rounds items, they are just full of sexy! ❤

The Stool In –

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So a new round of Fluid will be coming out here July 1st, and I am more excited for this round than any other. Its my type o theme which is around called “That’s Risque”. Yup, you know its gonna have alot of tits and ass!

Kirsty was kind enough to pass me over her items for this event and I’m so freakin’ stoked. I even got her approval on the outfit. Though, I changed shoes. Anyways, these are Rack Poses items that will be out sooooon! Enjoy! <33

(Pictures were edited so the garter and stockings will match together.)

Burlesque In –

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Light Up The Night

More newness from Fluid for y’all along with Stumblebum. Not much to talk about, except enjoy! <33

Light Up The Night In –

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Gonna Get Dunked!

Hey y’all! Here to show y’all some items from the pose event Fluid for its very first round! Really great items on this round, totally worth getting your booties over there! I decided to get my husband on to well, humiliate him just a tiny bit! LOL.

Another round of Stumblebum has also started so I’ll be getting some great items out for all y’all!

Zombie Popcorn Carnival started yesterday with alottt of great designers that are partcipating so don’t forget to run that way also!

So many great events to spend your lindens at this weekend! <33

Gonna Get Dunked In –

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My New Maxi Dress

Really pleased with this new mesh dress that Baiastice just released! Loveee animal print, so this dress was right up my alley. It flows perfectly, and it fit so nicely without having to fuck with my shape. All sizes with alpha to go with. Also loving this new hair from Lelutka! Mesh of course, but the rigged mesh is only for the pony tail, the top part of the hair you can resize! Band changes to many different colors!

BTW, Fluid starts tomorrow which is another event by The Ego Co. This event is for poses, and the theme is around amusement parks! I’ll be posting more this weekend on the amazing poses that have come out with this round!! ❤

My New Maxi Dress In –

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