Hey lovelies. So I know there isn’t alot to show y’all here, but I wanted some kinda spicy to show off the collar and cuffs that are now at the event We ❤ Roleplay for a discounted price! Also, new hair from Exile that I am so in love with! ❤

Geek LOTD 777

Forge Inside –

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Gorean One Voice

Some more new stuff for y’all to pick up at One Voice fundraiser. This is for my gorean peeps, and this outfit is all mesh and really its great since especially with my huge ass – it covers and no need to make it smaller! <33

Gorean One Voice In –

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Draped Gorean

Herro! So I’ve been in love with this shirt since I got it at Culture Shock and haven’t been able to find what I wanted to do with it. Decided on this outfit, and its sorta Gorean sorta urban! I hope y’all enjoyy! <33

Draped Gorean In –

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Another Fantasy Faire Preview!

Hai guys. Sorry I have been a little MIA. Trying to close on a house IRL like I’ve mentioned before. But we had to come home and I wanted to get this out for y’all! This is another Fantasy Faire Preview which will be open tomorrow! So excited and the build is amazing! Did two creators in this one, I’m showing you here Silk Worms and Satyrs Moon. Both great places, Silk Worms for you Gorean peeps and Satyrs Moon for some amazing fawn items! Here y’all go! ❤

Another Fantasy Faire Preview In –

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Gorean Mode

So hai! Sorry I haven’t been able to get one out yesterday but the pose one. Got called into RL work =/ Also today husband had me packing since we are moving soon as we close! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this look.

The waist belt is really made for the hips, but decided I wanted it on my waist and its from Pepper!

The top and skirt are just doll and are from Elymode. Skirt has a mesh skirt piece that I love and moves amazingly with the shape! Several different sizes in the pack, or even just a non mesh skirt part.

Lastly wanna talk about the jewelry! Been waiting for HANDverk to be done making them all since she teased us with em on Flickr a couple weeks ago. Comes in 6 different colors and have the knuckle rocks for both hands along with the necklace! Also to mention there a gold and silver version in each folder! Get your asses over there and pick up your colors! <33

Gorean Mode In –

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Kim Is Gorean

Herro! Another post again for y’all tonight. Sorry I was late getting them out, had some IC things to do at Crack Den tonight! Anyways, this hot see through body suit is from KIM which is at Tropicalia Big Bazaar. Also these new boots at Crazy are like the black ones I’ve posted before. I wasn’t sure if they are “gorean” enough for people but of course if they aren’t even acceptable in GE then well don’t wear em! Wear em while you shop! LOL New hairs from Truth also, this I’m sporting is just one of them. Enjoy ❤

Kim Is Gorean In –

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[A] Limited!

OH hello!! New event for everyone to go get and spend all their monies on!! It is open currently to Atomic VIP group members, but if you aren’t – the event opens for all starting at midnight!! Freakin’ love the items that are out for this event. I’m only wearing a couple of the items, I’ll be blogging a bit more on it tonight just wanted to get a slavie out there for you all! But a little about the event – its being ran by Ivy (owner of Atomic/Illusory) and Tyr (owner of Aura). MESH items, with skins and tshirts. Very bright and pretty things to choose from! ❤

[A] Limited In –

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The Golden Brown

Herro! So I’ve blogged some of this outfit before already but in a different color, but I just wanted to do another one with the brown to show the slave side of this outfit. Its partially mesh from GSpot and I just love the gold that shows off of the pieces. So yeah – ENJOY! ❤

The Golden Brown In –

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Loopy Slave

HAI LADIES AND GENTS! So, a couple things I wanna talk about. First is this MESHHHH shirt that is from Loop. Such a cute shirt, she also released a skirt today that’s mesh but well its not gorean! I wanted to get you cute slaves an outfit out tonight!

Also I am so completely honored to be a blogger for [HANDverk]. Loveeeee all her items from the body tattoos, to the furniture, to the amazing mesh jewelry that I am blogging for you all tonight!! Completely in love with all of these sets that are sold! All different sets come in several different colors to mix and match with all your Gorean clothing, or even Urban too!

Oh FYI – I had to change my face a wee bit because of this hair! Lawl – that’s why I may look a little different. Puffy cheeks didn’t cut it on this mesh! <33

Loopy Slave In –

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