The 1980’s Part Deux – Vintage Fair

Finally able to get this post done with Tyr’s new items from the new brand Auxiliary. Also new hair from Truth that is SOOOO freakin’ cute! Its mesh, and has a HUD for the bow. <33

The 1980’s Part Deux – Vintage Fair In –

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Summer Gatcha

So I keep talking about this weekend’s goodness and I’m just adding to that pile. Summer Gatcha Festival is officially open so get your booties over there and start getting your rare items! Also more Stumblebum for y’all. Alot of great items for this round. I want to also tell y’all that Aura and Illusory are having a sale on some of their items as they are going to be merging into an awesome brand that I am so freakin’ excited for. I’m wearing the skin that Tyr is going to be retiring, Briar, and if you don’t have them already – then TP your way over there to pick em all up until they are gone for good! Enjoy! <33

Summer Gatcha In –

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The Lifeguard Shack

So much newness going on this weekend. New Stumblebum starting along with FaMESHed’s new round. FANATIK has also released two new dresses, one that I’m sporting in the pictures below. Enjoy! <33

The Lifeguard Shack In –

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Relaxing Beach Day

Some more newness for y’all! Definitely loving the Burley hair since now she has made the bottom braid to be rigged mesh, then the top is resizeable so no more editing your shape! The hair is sold at the Chic2 event so don’t forget to go pick it up! Also along with this pose! And have you forgotten to do the Mesh Around hunt? Well you shouldn’t since you can pick up this amazing bench along with these earrings there! Do not hold off! Oh and did I mention these amazingggg shorts from KIM? They are mesh and are at her main store with several different colors to choose from. Totally loving them, especially the belt loops on them. The shirt I’m wearing I’ll tell a little on it, it is from Action, its mesh and has a hud to where you can choose different colors and patterns. Very cheap price for this mesh piece. Get to shopping lovely’s! ❤

Relaxing Beach Day In –

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Cynful Jeans

It took me a little bit to get this dress out, but only because I was wearing this outfit for a bit cause I really really like it! I hope y’all enjoyyy! <33

Cynful Jeans In –

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New Bright Colors!

Hey hey! So many new items with a ton of new events! I’m gonna try to get another post out after this, but not sure if it’ll happen! If it doesn’t then be aware that Chic2 will be open at 4 pm SLT time! Anyways, this post has a couple events I wanna mention. First new edition of Stumblebum is out! Alot of great items, along with nice mesh! Also FaMESHed is out and I will be posting more items from there in later posts! Enjoyyy ❤

New Bright Colors In –

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Fameshed Stumblebum

Soooo I know I’ve been MIA and I apologize to everyone, but we are still in the middle of our move. I should be able to get back into the groove of things starting this weekend, but I’m doing this really long post of the new releases for you here. I’m sorry it’s not my usual post, but I wanted to make sure I got most of the stuff out for y’all!

Stumblebum new edition started a couple days ago and there are sooo many nice things out for y’all! Aura has new mesh tops, along with cute textured layer tops by Illusory and Boom. Alot of many great items for y’all to go shopping for on the Stumblebum list! Join the group and check it out!

Also new event called FaMESHed opened the other day, and its just amazing. Great mesh creators joining together to spit out items at full price for you all! Anyways – here is my post on it all! ❤

Fameshed Stumblebum In –

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I’m backkkkkkkkkkkkkk! I am sooo freakin’ exhausted and we will see how much I can do tonight to get caught up on the blog. I will do my best to get all the items I got out there in the blog here soon, and getting all caught up on the events and sales there are going on. Just be patient :D!

First I am doing this post on the Stumblebum event. Great designers in this event with some wonderful and cute discounted items. Here is my post on it –

Also these boots are just so cute! SAKIDE came out with mesh heels – I am wearing the Slate color but also comes in Beige! They are from the FTLO Black Market event – which I will be doing another post with items from there later!

Stumblebum In –

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Your Own Style

So its Halloween, this is pretty much what I threw together to celebrate this holiday! I know its some things that I’ve blogged before, but its all good. Different looks with different outfits = win. Also I just want to say really quick, everyone has their own style. Everyone has it in them to be able to put their own items together. I love my blog, I adore the shit out of it. I made it so Gorean’s would know that its not all about slapping some kilts and long sleeves together to run around in. The only other thing I ask for is some respect. Some know what I’m talking about and I won’t get into it but yeah, ❤ here’s another LOTD.

Your Own Style In –

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