She’ll Serve You Well

Hey there. Some new things coming to The Garden near you! Amazing set by Apple Fall that includes all the furniture that I’m showing here. Also had this cute outfit done up yesterday, thought it went well with this set to blog. ♥

She'll Serve You Well

She’ll Serve You Well Inside –

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Gold Is For Those That Are Worthy

Hey! Still got some more things to show y’all with The Secret Affair event. I told y’all I’ve never seen/read the Game of Thrones so I’m doing my best. Also the slave outfit I’m wearing is from Soedara and it comes with two different version of the camisk. One just has less beads than what I have on. Also with the pack that you pick, you’ll get 3 different colors to choose from and with those three colors there’s an ombre so really you get 6 different color camisks. Also the belt I made a little dangly bit clear so you can’t see it cause I’m just weird like that.

The necklace from Zibska and has a long and short version which this is the rare that has all the colors in it! Also it comes with a headpiece which I’m not wearing. The headpiece that I am wearing it the exclusive from Keystone. I love her things. Lastly this choker is from Yum Yum which is also at the event which has a HUD that changes it to silver or gold and the pendants and dragons are even able to change colors! ♥

Gold Is For Those That Are Worthy

Gold Is For Those That Are Worthy Inside –

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Like Gliding On Water

Heyyyy peoples! Some more things for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival! This dress is absolutely beautiful and by Cellar Door. Comes in 5 different colors along with 2 rare headbands and an ultra rare headband that I’m sporting. ♥

Like Gliding On Water

Like Gliding On Water Inside –

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Slut’s Hangout

Hey people’s! Obviously since I’ve been more involved in Gor it’s easier for me to do posts in Gor so here is another one! I really am enjoying so many items from Fantasy Gacha Carnival. So much goodness to be had! ♥

Slut's Hangout

Slut’s Hangout Inside –

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Pumpkin Patch

Hey pretties. Some new things from Truth, Cynful and Lil Lace along with some more Fantasy Gacha Carnival which opens up at midnight SLT today!! So excited y’all? ♥

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch Inside –

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Safely Inside

Hey cuties. Some new stuff from The Attic. Absolutely adore this lingerie set from Baiastice that comes in several different colors. Also new goodies for Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The headband is from The Forge which is one of the ultra rares. I have an idea or some upcoming posts. I know alot of Gorean things lately, but this event is filled with amazing pieces I wanna continue to show you! ♥

Safely Inside

Safely Inside –

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Will You Take Me?

Hello beautifuls. So I know you’re getting sick of all theses posts, but so many designers put in a ton of work and counting on us bloggers to show y’all what you’re going to be looking forward took on October 1st for Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

The GSpot ultra rare Tiara comes with a HUD to control the texture on the jewels. There are three ultra rare tiara’s, black, gold, and silver.

Now for the commons and rares in that machine they are earcuffs which I am sporting a rare one. There’s 2 different designs for the rares with each having black, silver, and gold as well. The commons are 12 different colors of the same style.

The Luas items I’m wearing are two different machines. The chest chain and then nipple covers are in one machine and the rest of the outfit in another. ♥

Will You Take Me?

Will You Take Me? Inside –

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