New Outside Traditions

Heyyyy so this post is gonna be huge and since it’s so big I’ve decided I’ll do it in separate posts just so I can cover each item with a nice quality lay out. First I’ll just talk about what’s up front and shown directly in these photos below! Mostly the items are from The Garden and Poser Pavilion that opened on the 15th and some items from Frost which I covered the other day!

FYI – The Gazebo does come in snow and no snow versions and when clicking the gazebo the lights will turn on and off! ♥

New Outside Traditions

New Outside Traditions Inside –

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Taste Life

Heyyyy peoples! Some new things here. I really love these new sweaters from Gawk. There’s stripes and regular solid colors available. The best part is they come off the shoulders. Also new skinny jeans from Cynful that have a cuff version or a boot version that alphas out the bottom for layering. The jeans can be found at Winter Trend 2013! ♥

Taste Life

Taste Life Inside –

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Just Give Me A Reason

So I was so blown away by this song and video that I’ve been working on it all day wanting to do a scene after it. Spent all night photoshopping and just really loving how they came out. I really hope you guys like them too!

Special thanks to Veri from Mood Swings for making these poses for me! She was there when I needed her and she will have these new poses out soon I believe! ❤

Geek LOTD 769

Just Give Me A Reason Inside –

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Disney Bound

Okay I know I’m like really late on my entries, but RL has been swamped. I decided to get caught up on the last two and then this weeks round! I am in love with this challenge which I rarely do any, but if any of you actually knew me I am a die hard Disney fan. Hopefully going to Disney World next week too just to fulfill my Disney needs! Haha. Anyways, the first week was Peter Pan, second week was Ariel in her “kissed a girl” scene, and this week is Gason from Beauty and the Beast! Please enjoy my posts representing all the characters. I know alot of pictures, but yeah 3 weeks of entries! ❤

Geek LOTD 746 2

Disney Bound Inside –

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Winter Fun

So I wanna let y’all know that another round of With Love Hunt is starting here November 30th! There’s alot of great designers that are participating in this hunt so it’ll be a fun one! Here’s some items that are featured in the craziness. Also finally got a new wintery house that I’m showing y’all in the background, totally excited about it! ❤

Winter Fun In –

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The 1980’s – Vintage Fair

The final post in my Vintage Fair collection! Had ALOT of fun doing these posts. I want to thank everyone who have posted with me, and the patience they have! This post I did with Peri, and it came out sooo freakin’ good! Good way to end out the eras. <33

The 1980’s – Vintage Fair In –

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So I was bothering people on Plurk about it being Monday and how I have off so I decided to do a post on what I do IRL and how it is to have a day off to me! LOL Anyways, enjoy! <33

Monday’s In –

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Gorean Mode

So hai! Sorry I haven’t been able to get one out yesterday but the pose one. Got called into RL work =/ Also today husband had me packing since we are moving soon as we close! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this look.

The waist belt is really made for the hips, but decided I wanted it on my waist and its from Pepper!

The top and skirt are just doll and are from Elymode. Skirt has a mesh skirt piece that I love and moves amazingly with the shape! Several different sizes in the pack, or even just a non mesh skirt part.

Lastly wanna talk about the jewelry! Been waiting for HANDverk to be done making them all since she teased us with em on Flickr a couple weeks ago. Comes in 6 different colors and have the knuckle rocks for both hands along with the necklace! Also to mention there a gold and silver version in each folder! Get your asses over there and pick up your colors! <33

Gorean Mode In –

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My Favorite Mesh

I am in total love with this sweater. Its amazing and from Entente, and just like all the other items there you buy the sweater then get the texture packs separately. SOO many different packs to pick from with different styles and colors. I just went with plain because its easy to use for Gor.

Also I’ve always loved this skirt since I blogged a different color a month or so ago. Thought it’ll go great in Gor with some leggings underneath which is what I did here obviously! Coldlogic has some new items out, that I haven’t been able to blog yet, but I’ll get to it soon enough!

The boots are new from Death Row Design. Always love the style they come out with, amazing for men and women!

My Favorite Mesh In –

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