Rockin’ The Sweat Pants!

So decided to grab a friend along for this post, and Aspen was kind enough to jump in the picture with me! If y’all have never seen her pictures before, then you’re soooo missing out! She is one of my idols, I strive to take as good of pictures that she does!! Check out her Flickr here!

New pants from [ JP ]:dsg. that are meshhhh and have very many options! You can change the side stripes along with the color of the pull strings on the front. You can also have the strings hanging or have them tied up! Many different colors to choose from along with coming in female and male versions! <33

Rockin’ The Sweat Pants In –

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Fantasy Faire Preview!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to be showing you all this! Panda Express are releasing new mermaid items for the Fantasy Faire and they are just AMAZING! The details put into it are just soo breath taking along with the options you get. The mermaid tails have a script in them where you can change the shell along with changing the starfish that is on the one side! The tentacle parts and the front jewels are what colors you’re picking when you decide on what kinda mermaid you wanna be! The two colors that will be 100% donation for the American Cancer Society for her set is Violence and Silver. Also there is a new hair piece that I’m sporting that goes along with the outfit! Also changes colors in the jewel, coral, and starfish! The faire will be open for all on April 21 – 29! Save your lindens for this event! <33

Fantasy Faire Preview In –

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