Holy hell okay so I didn’t something different with my pictures because well I look REALLY different. This picture is dedicated to a new round of Perfect Wardrobe that starts tomorrow! The theme this time is Rainbow, and man did some of the designers definitely go colored out on this one! This is only one post of many other items I’ll post for this round! I know I look like a crazy mess, but I tried to get as much items as I could! haha! I know I’m a dork >.<

Rainbow In –

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Sweet Blues

Another urban outfit I put together on my RPing in Crack Den. You all know my obsession with mesh and these pants and purse are just amazing. Also the skin and necklace are from The Blue Dressing Room! Great items this week there! Oh and I told you about new hair – well here is the other hair from Burley that came out. Decided to put it with the Ana bottom for more length. ❤

Sweet Blues In –

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You Smell Fishy

Such newness that I had to do yet another post for today.

In -love- with this mesh shirt here. The only thing I had to do was make my tits and ass smaller – which is a shame, but for this item I’ll most definitely not whine about it! Comes in several different colors and so worth the L’s!

Also new HAIR from BURLEY! Woot! 3 new different ones to pick from, you can change the root color on all of them also! And this is just first of a couple new hairs I gotta show y’all! (Gorean minus heels and cleavage!)

You Smell Fishy In –

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