Fur Gurls

First I wanna talk about this amazing new mesh hair from [e]. You all know that is my favorite hair store in SL, and now I’m extremely excited they are doing the mesh. Well, this one comes with a back ponytail with a cute ribbon that changes several different colors.

Also this outfit I picked up was only 99L’s for the Sunday Special that is still out now!

Fur Gurls In –

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It’s PINK!

I’ve been to the Vintage Fair and already done one post on it, but I haven’t been able to do the entire sim. BUT I was able to find one of my favorite Gorean stores was at the fair. This is where I picked up this fuckin’ cute ass shirt. Gor Gurls is just amazing, her entire store from every piece of clothing she has. So freakin’ cute. Anyways, enjoy this LOTD. ❤

It’s Pink In –

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I do greatly apologize for not posting for a couple of days. I have been working, and I wasn’t able to get on very long to do a post. I’m sooooo sorry for failing you guys for a couple of days. Anyways, here another outfit, hope y’all enjoy it!

Sorry In –

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Shrugs All Around!

Apparently where’s a going out of business sale at Sweetest Goodbye. One of my favorite OOC places. Sad face. Anyways, go pick up what y’all want before its all gone forever ❤ Also three new skin lines at Curio, along with another one of these cute skirts from Gor Gurls.

Shrugs All Around In –

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All Shades of Pink

Blah had a different skirt on for a good bit of the day, until I finally just couldn’t take that it didn’t match at all. Finally found a skirt that was definitely going to work with the pink top. Enjoyyyyy

All Shades of Pink In –

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