Femme Fatal

Hey hey! So mesh has had a grip on me all weekend so I got a little time before bed to get a post out! I had in mind how i wanted this pose to go and put it with some of the new things from TLC! I hope you enjoy! ♥

Femme Fatal

Femme Fatal Inside –

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Breakfast In Bed

Hey there. I wanted to get this post done before midnight, but due to trying to get these undies on Auston I wasn’t able too! So I wanna show you this freaking amazing looking plate of pancakes. LOOK AT IT! Ugh. Absolutely amazing and made by Dermie of ISPACHI. It looks so realistic. Jealous of his skills! Also these new sexy heels by Gos at Whore Couture Fair. Yum. Dat ass. ♥

Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed Inside –

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Who’s In Charge?

Hey guys! Another item from C88 and new item from Auxiliary. The leggings come in either solid or graphic prints. Many different colors/graphics to choose from. Definitely love them since they are a bit lower than some of the other leggings that have come out. ♥

Who's In Charge?

Who’s In Charge Inside –

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When I Go To The Bar

Heyyy. So some new stuff to talk about. Obviously y’all know about the new Gos heels. I will be showing you a more closer up picture of how they can be worn. Either with the cup of the heel or without. Also the lining and sole can change textures if you’d like. Another newness is this hair by Exile that is featured at Hair Fair with several other amazing styles. Lastly this dress by Cynful which is currently new and at SL Fashion Week. ♥

When I Go To The Bar

When I Go To The Bar Inside –

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Going To Meet Him

Heyy. New event to talk to y’all about. It’s called She & Him that opens July 5th. It’s an event that’ll feature obviously both male and female items. This dress is a great find there by Ariskea. Also new hair by Truth with some new sexyyyy heels by Gos.
Gotta talk to y’all about HANDverk having a 50% off sale since Daphne has now moved builds and to a different sim since her partner Tobias has left SL. Go on over to the build and pick up some of her items for 50% off! ♥

Geek LOTD 796

Going To Meet Him Inside –

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These Two Dresses

Good morning everyone. Just wanted to do this post to show y’all a couple of dresses from Cynful. First dress is a bit revealing and featured at The Boobies Show. I of course am not wearing any mesh boobies so you can see that it can be worn without them. Also new colors in the First Date dress that is already in at the main store so go pick up your favorite hue. I’ll be talking more in detail about Truth’s new hair in another post since I’m a bit tired and just got off of work. ❤

Geek LOTD 770

These Two Dresses Inside –

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Boho On The Beach

Hello y’all. New items at Collabor88. Fashionably Dead is becoming one of my favorite stores. Really love what she releases for C88 also. Always something I can either put together or mix and match with so many outfits. Enjoy! ❤

Geek LOTD 768

Boho On The Beach Inside –

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Messy Closet

Don’t judge me because I don’t know how to clean! LOL Anyways, newness from Exile to Truth to Gos to Dead Apples! ❤

Geek LOTD 766

Messy Closet Inside –

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Protecting Our Home

Hellooooo all you fine people! So I hope you’ve heard of this new event called We ❤ RP! It’s for those of you who are into roleplay, especially the Gorean type. I haven’t been doing much Gorean posts lately since I’ve gone a different direction, but I really love touching base with what I started with. I hope you enjoy all these new pretties! ❤

Geek LOTD 764

Protecting Our Home Inside –

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When A Princess Dreams

Hello lovely people. Just a really cute look I wanted to put together for y’all. FaMESHed’s 1st birthday celebration is underway. Mine and my husband’s items are for sale there so please go check them out! Also Exile has released a new hair system. Your color packs are now in HUDS which have streak versions included and there’s new color pack that I’m showing off for y’all. Enjoy! ❤

Geek LOTD 763

When A Princess Dreams Inside –

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