Look at Her Rack..

Totally doing an OOC blog post with my girl Kirsty. She is one sexah momma and I knew one day we had to get our asses together on this! Anyways here’s our OOC look of the day! ❤ (Also remember to shop at her store Rack Poses!)

Look At Her Rack In –

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I Pray

You know you’ve heard that song before, older country song. But sometimes it fits with some people. 😀 Anyways enjoy this post! ❤

I Pray In –

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Grixdale Did It Again <3

Okay so I love me some Tyr and she is about to release her new skins. Teagan 2 and Ren. Most likely they will be out Friday! Anyways, 900L per skin, comes with 2 brow tones, freckle option, breast option, brow shaper, and hair base tattoo. Y’all have got to go check it out. I’m seriously in freaking love with Teagan 2. The shady on the face makes me want to kiss myself.

Grixdale Did It Again In –

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Barefooted Harvy

Outta town yesterday so I wasn’t able to post anything, but here’s an outfit I threw together before leaving. Really really love these shorts, they are more of the baggy shorts I can never get enough of. Also this hair is adorable, gotta love headband hairs. ❤

Barefooted Harvy In –

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Keepin’ the Gorean dream going with another outfit. This outfit I’m not wearing anything clothes that you’d actually call Gorean, but still I put the different parts together and make it into something. Check it out!

Currently Rockin’

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