They See Me Rollin’

Hey hey hey! So below Imma show you new poses and prop by Bounce This Poses at the Pose Fair and these great new jeans by [ JP ]:dsg.! The skateboard comes with 4 different poses, all you need to do is rezz out the skateboard and hop on. A blue window will pop up for you to select which pose you wanna use. The jeans come in 7 different colors. With each color you can change the belt color, the metal color, and if you want the jeans to be clean or dirty. I am sporting the dirty look below! Enjoy ❤

Geek LOTD 747

They See Me Rollin’ Inside –

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Up Up And Away!

Hey hey! So for days I had been trying to get the new Burley hair, but the sim kept going down! Well the owner finally put the new hairs on mp so I quickly purchased them, but didn’t really get time to blog last night! So here is some newness for y’all. The skirt is from Emery which is at FaMESHed with several different colors, the hair is like I said from Burley and also has a new yogurt colored pack to check out! The pose is new from Rack Poses and it at Kirsty’s PG store which are freakin’ adorable! ❤

Up Up And Away In –

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Wear Grey

Another new event for y’all to shop at. I’m a little late on it because there’s been so much stuff at once lately! This one goes to a great cause for the American Brain Tumor Association. Really hope y’all make your way to this event. Sorry its a quick one, but I gotta work again today. Story of my life! ❤

Wear Grey In –

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Blacked Out Gorean

So this dress is mesh and is from AOHARU. Its not just the dress part, but attached is the turtleneck long sleeves which is just amazing for Gor. Really love this outfit right here. Comes in several different colors, and I added the Maitreya new mesh leggings underneath it for you free women! I did have to fix my alpha layer on my neck – not sure if anyone else would have that issue. The hair is new from Truth and is half mesh. Obviously the part that comes down the back and boobs are mesh which is a separate attachment then the one on the head. Well I hope you enjoy! ❤

Blacked Out Gorean In –

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Herrooo out there! Another post for you slutty girls in Gor looking at my blog! I just want to say really quick also that I appreciate every single view on my blog. This is exactly why I wake up everyday to get atleast one post done before I go to work. Just really appreciate all the sweet comments and IMs I get from people especially with the way life has been going recently. Just remember – life is short, life it to the fullest of your abilities! <33

Holey In –

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My Mustache

Hai! I went all stache today on this post! Love these baseball laid back shirts from nestle my bosom! They are amazing!! These shorts are meshhhh from Suicidal Unborn! The shoes – yup there’s a special at hoorenbeck right now for this color for only 200L! So please, get your asses to these places and spend those lindens that are burning in your avie pockets! <33

My Mustache In –

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