Hanging with the Girls

So yesterday I had asked Ally and Ada to do a blog picture with me with the newness that was at Coldlogic. So this is how it turned out. Now mind you my computer was absolutely not cooperating yesterday which the girls helped me out by taking the group picture for me and its coming out today because the rest of the pictures I had to take today when my computer wasn’t being a douche! So anyways, y’all keep checking back to Ally’s blog when she’s done her side of her outfit!

Also Cold Winters Hunt has started today so get your hunting on y’all! ❤

 Gor LOTD 716

Hanging with the Girls In –

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Tourist Escapades

This isn’t underneath my bloggers challenge because you all know that I have blogged with this chick before, but we went all out and touristy infront of the The Arcade event! I may look a bit ridiculous, but its freakin’ serious this is like an outfit I’d wear to Disney when I go IRL! LOL, And Bells decided she’d get in on the action of lookin’ like a ridiculously awesome tourist too! You can check out all of her credits on her blog ohhmaiblog, but of course you’ll be seeing mine here! Enjoyy! ❤

Tourist Escapades In –

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More Tough Than You

Hey hey! Been really busy trying to make some items to release in a new store with the husband! Decided to take a break today and blog an outfit I’ve been holding on too along with new hair from Magika! <33 Enjoyyyy

More Tough Than You In –

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Okay so, I got this awesome stuff from ONYX Wear the other day and I almost peed myself because it’s Blink 182!! I loveeee them soo freakin’ hard, and even better that its mesh! Along with these awesome bright ass pink mesh jeans I’m sporting! Love it. Also new hair from Burley that is mesh with some awesome jewelry from Gossamer Jewellery. On MP there are packs where you can get the same type of jewelry all wrapped up in one awesome price. ❤


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Hottie is Pink

HAI! Anyways, new mesh shirt from paper.doll. Freakin’ loveeee the different designs she came up with. Decided on this one even though I’m not even close to being egotistical or anything, just it had the color scheme! lawl. Also new pants that are mesh from Spirit. Mens and female sizes. Great texture along with different prints with dirty, clean, paint stains, etc. Seriously, love, mesh. ❤

Hottie is Pink In –

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Gorean And Black

Newness all over the grid this weekend! First wanna chat about the new things from Izzie’s. Another cute ass skin called Cassandra! They are so flawless but have freckles and just cuteness all over it! Also from Izzie’s are these skirts that come in several different colors. Its a prim, but comes with an alpha layer so not booties stick through!

This hair is the other pack from Magika that is the plain colors for Dare. Really love this hair style, and can’t resist since its mesh. <33

Gorean And Black In –

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Full Of Brown

Hur hur!

Couple of things! First is the meshhhhhhhhhhhhh bag from the wonderful and oh so talented Tyr creator of Aura! Bag will be at the Back to Black event that starts tomorrow!! Comes in 3 different colors with 3 different hand/holding animations! Its rigged also! ❤

Next is this cute skirt which is from Pepper. The belt comes in 9 different designs, with the ruffles that changes to several different colors. It looks amazing along, and over items like I’m wearing!

Full Of Brown In –

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Don’t Be Confused

Really I don’t know.. but I had this outfit on while I was in Crack Den tonight, but if you work it around a little bit you can always wear it in Gor. 😀

Izzie came out with this new turtle neck which is ADORABLE and comes in 10 different colors!

Also this freakin’ cool ass fox scarf is AMAZINGNESS and is the sex and of course at Collabor88 for everyone’s liking.

So my chica Kirsty came out with a bunch of new poses! She also has two different stores – her original store now has some tamed down poses which I will be poses on this post in – and of course her sexy ass poses at another store here!

Did I mention my husband sells roleplay/DCS weapons? WELL HE DOES ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!! He has made a MESH Glock! That’s right, its -amazing- and you all should go out and get that shit rightttt now!!! TP to Epic Arsenal!

Don’t Be Confused In –

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Bundled Up

Just a good bundled up free woman outfit or just a lounging around the urban sims kinda look. I have a couple more to do tonight so I’ll try not to overpower y’all with posts!!!

Bundled Up In –

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