Greens and Reds

IRL I am actually really buh-humbug, but in SL I look like I’m all in the Christmas spirit. Here is a new outfit for y’all. The boots are only 99L’s, the hair is for the With Love (Again) hunt for 10L’s and the backpack is a group gift from Severed Gardens! Enjoy! ❤

Greens and Reds In –

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Fixin’ My Posture

Cute cute posture collar from bubble for the Zombie Popcorn Hunt. Go get it y’all. Also this cute top from INDI along with the CHIC Event that is going on where I got the pants for Sassy Kitty’s! Hope y’all like it.

Fixin’ My Posture In –

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Busy busy busy

Its been a crazy RL lately. Haven’t been on much due to a ton of family in town. We had the funeral today, which wasn’t the greatest day of my life, but atleast I’m able to really talk about it. I believe most of my family are leaving soon, so I will be on a little bit more to do my thing again. I’m seeing alot of hits lately, thanks to Gen who is blogging more, and also to those I contacted. I really am loving the support we are getting. Its awesome. Just keep on checking out the blog, and we will keep spitting out new things for everyone.

Busy In –

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