I Can Win You Over

Hey thur. So I went to Summerfest last night and I put this look together but I have been slaving away all day on my own Rhapsody items to get a blog post done! Been so crazy with the events we signed up for! Anyways, so here’s some of what I got there with a slave Gorean twist to it! ♥

I Can Win You Over

I Can Win You Over Inside –

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Back In Time

Hey hey! So finally getting to do more vintage pictures which has been really fun. Definitely trying new ways of photoshopping. This new dress by Auxiliary is at Collabor88 along with the jewelry by Noodles! ♥

Back In Time

Back In Time Inside –

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That In Between Time

I’ve always said Florida only has 2 seasons, summer and winter. But this year we have had alot of really cold days, and today is one of them. The grass is still green with summer like flowers, but its cool enough for a nice hoodie to bundle up into. This post is basically about my mood right now IRL. Its also covered in all new Collabor88 round that opened last night! ❤

That In Between Time In –

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More Arcade Antics

Sorry y’all for the absence over the weekend. Usual RL work stuff ya’know? Anyways, did some buying/selling/trading for The Arcade and its been a freakin’ blast. I put together this outfit with some accessories and I really am super happy to do this post! My husband said I look like a Disney World tourist and I’m totally okay with that! Remember to jump on over to The Arcade when you get a chance! ❤

More Arcade Antics In –

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The Harvest Report

Picked up some more items from Collabor88. Really excited to get this post out because I actually feel in love with putting it together last night. Feel like a reporter or something. Also excited because I picked up the new Pink Fuel skin called Kumi. If you haven’t made your asses over there, you better do it now because its soooo cute with a ton of tones to choose from and of course eye make ups! <33

The Harvest Report In –

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The 1940’s – Vintage Fair

Another era for y’all to enjoy! Bells was nice enough to do this post with me! She is adorable isn’t she? Enjoy! <33

The 1940’s – Vintage Fair In –

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The Sun Dress

Some more new items out for you cuties. The dress, ring, shoes, necklace and skin are all from Collobor88. The hair is new Magika! I am wearing earrings that Pepper just released which you cannot see, but I will make sure on my next post to show them to you much better. <33

The Sun Dress In –

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Books of Collabor88

Woot woot! Another month of Collabor88 is out now! So freakin’ excited and am totally loving this theme. Love the vintage type look lately. Get your asses down there and pick up your favorite items! ❤

Books of Collabor88 –

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